Long time no see wiki people, I'm just here to take a quick look at what E3 means to all those MH fans.

At E3, all our questions will be answered, "Will MHP3rd come to the west?" If we dont hear an answer by then, we can almost assume the answer is no. Which will we better have a definate answer!

Also the other rumors of wether or not MH will go to PSP2 or 3DS, Like the rumors before captivate 2011, but there is still a chance to see MH on the 3DS, just cause they didn't announce it at captivate, doesnt mean its not real.

Or we could be even more shocked with MH Frontier in the west to appease our hunger for MH online gaming. (Yes, I'm still holding capcom to its claim of "appeasing fans in the west", if no MHP3rd, we better have something just as good!)

so yeah could be some very good stuff, or very lame stuff, just have to see, keep an eye out for it on June 7th-9th!

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