1. All weapons have same attack values, this is extremely cool, so if you use the exact same leveled weapon whether its dual swords or hammer, the'd have the same attack. (though this seems strange cause weapons are how do they all do the same attack? im still a bit confused)
  2. You are weakened, this is a good thing, you have less attack then other MH games, but this is good cause your cats can actually match your attack and defense therefor actually making them useful (my cats actually are powerful then me).
  3. Gunlances rule! there new attacks are awesome and their explosion move can destroy that rock a monster may can break it too...which is cool.
  4. Cats new antidote flute: it heals all bad status effects, so whether a monster forced you to soil your pants, or your poisoned or on fire, you cat will cure you.
  5. new cat training: usually your cat ups its status up 1 depending on what exercise you make it do, but now with advanced exercises, your cats status increase much more!
  6. Acorn armor, no im not talking about the armor for the cat, but the hunter. you can now dress yourself up in cat armor, XD which is pretty funny.
  7. Infinite fishing: yes you can fish as much as you like with an infinate fishing rod that doesnt take up space in your invintory (though if you want to catch better fish, your gonna need a better lure)


  1. Hehe the scraps system has got an error. when you choose to make scraps from an item in your inventory (not the box but your pouch) and you make scraps, go out of the shop and back to your pouch, and you will see that the item you just turned into scraps is still there (infinate scraps!) most likely will be fixed by american release.

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