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    Monster Hunter 4!!!

    September 13, 2011 by Blademaster00

    Monster Hunter 4

    Monster hunter 4th generation announced at nintendo 3ds conference! Dont have video yet, but had way more destructive objects, larger areas, more epic monster fights, Tigrex climbing walls, jumping climbing, jumping on a Rathalos and riding it/fighting it.

    shown at 3DS conference, so I'd assume on 3DS.

    DON'T BE HATING YET! monster hunter 4th generation signals a new era in MH, a change! If your too stuck up in your old ways, then so be it, just dont ruin it for those who can look forward to the future monster hunter.

    RUMOR: Some Anon said something about MH4 not being a 3ds exclusive. MH4 is not coming to anything Sony, the Sony TGS conference went by, all capcom said was "we are excited to work with vita!" and showed off Str…

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    E3 2011

    May 13, 2011 by Blademaster00

    Long time no see wiki people, I'm just here to take a quick look at what E3 means to all those MH fans.

    At E3, all our questions will be answered, "Will MHP3rd come to the west?" If we dont hear an answer by then, we can almost assume the answer is no. Which will we better have a definate answer!

    Also the other rumors of wether or not MH will go to PSP2 or 3DS, Like the rumors before captivate 2011, but there is still a chance to see MH on the 3DS, just cause they didn't announce it at captivate, doesnt mean its not real.

    Or we could be even more shocked with MH Frontier in the west to appease our hunger for MH online gaming. (Yes, I'm still holding capcom to its claim of "appeasing fans in the west", if no MHP3rd, we better have …

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    …I must say I'm rather impressed, the 3DS is awesome, and after playing with it for a while, I'd like to share some of the features and stuff, and stuff.

    1. 3DS aint all 3D, its more then that, with games like face raider, and AR games, it shows that you can also use the 3DS to play games using the camera too, and if you've seen the AR games, their really cool.

    2. Play coins: probably one of the lesser know things of the 3DS, but every 100 steps you take, you get 1 play coin, which can be used in a varity of different ways. use them to get figures in SFIV or buy more AR games.

    This is Nintendo's idea of achievments, seeing as they decided not to have those, and i think their nice.

    3. Friends list: Yes, nintendo finally did it! a single friend …

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    Yep, been real busy, so busy infact, i cant finish the armors, so here is the link for them

    please finish my work, thats all i got so far....maybe later i can finish them, but for now, ive got too much to do....

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    MH on 3DS or PSP2?

    February 4, 2011 by Blademaster00

    Now i want know what system you'd like the newest MH (not P3rd) to be on, the 3DS or psp2?

    Pro and Con for both:

    -Pro for 3DS: Imagine a Rathalos Fireball coming right at you in 3D? and have all the graphics of MHtri? 3D optional. Imagine MHP3rd in 3-D, thats about what it would be like.

    -Cons for 3DS: Still same old loading between areas, and 3D may be a Gimick or even wore....cause eye problems (as warned by nintendo) or even loss of depth Perception from hunting monsters in 3D, ouch >

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