You know what's bad in Tri? When you have a group of High Rankers, one of whom is HR 1XX, and they all die within 30 seconds of a Barioth + fight. This happened a few hours ago, and it's absolutely shocking how BAD these people can be sometimes. I mean, I know it's not Halo or something, but come on, put some effort into it!

Jhen Mohran fight. Some guy wanted to fight it, and I was the only one who had it, due to the others being too low rank to have it. I said to wait until everyone could go, and he pressures me after every hunt to put it up. I keep telling him the same thing over and over, "Wait until everyone can go."

Thankfully, we could about five hunts in, as the lowest of them broke 27. I post it, and the first thing the little shit who was asking for the quest does is take the Ballista Binder. Ok, fine. As long as you use it right, whatever, right? Hehehe...right...

He then proceeded to trigger the Dragonator AND the Gong within the first minute. Again, whatever, they'll both recharge before they're needed, though at this point I'm getting a bit pissed. I tell him to knock it off, and he seems to agree. The fight goes alright at this point, though when the DNator can guess what happened. He fires it again, literally seconds before you need to hit Jhen with it. I abandon after this, send him a rather nasty message, and block him. I never saw the moron again.

If anyone has a similar experience, please, do tell! Let's consider this a...venting post. How 'bout that? :D

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