So, another month, another blog post. I'll see if I can update this at least once a month. ANYWAY:

We've all seen/experienced it. Something happens that is so unbelievably unlucky you can't help but think it was demonic intervention. Take, for example, my luck with Los plates. I've searched for three months to get one, to no avail. I only recently got one, and on a High Rank quest to boot. Ok, that's not too bad.

High Rank Uragaan fight. I'm in full Bari, upgraded to HR strength. Ura uses his flame gas, and I block it, bringing me to about 25 hp. It hits me again, bringing me to one HP. What happened then? My Cool Drink went out. I was KO'ed before I even realized what had happened.

Third example: Doing the Sea Power Event quest. Finish it with no problems. Go to rewards, see two Sapphires, 4 tickets, and 3 horns. I go to collect, and...power goes out. I raged. I raged hard.

Yeah, once again, a rant thread. This time, more about spectacular instances of horrendous luck.

EDIT: Oh, lookie. Got another...excellent example.

25 Royal Ludroth+ runs. Not a single Crest+, which I need for Spiral Lance (G). I swear, this game has cursed me somehow. Maybe Poogie has because I neglect him. :|

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