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  • BiscuitOfLies

    This is my first official teaser for the monster hunter freedom unite birthday story due to be released on the game's first birthday ((in europe) 26th June). The only known major character from my official works is Savalin (who also led the way in the MH1 birthday story) and is part of a continuation of his life in hunting. Known minor characters include a carriage driver and Savalin's wife (now married, eventually killed against the Monoblos). No information on other characters or the wyverns to appear have been released, neither has the plot, as yet but when they are known they will be released. Only speculation can be shown from what is shown below. BiscuitOfLies 13:50, June 4, 2010 (UTC) an entire list of my work, including my latest b…

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  • BiscuitOfLies

    As my last teaser went down quite well I am releasing a teaser for my next chapter on DeviantArt[1] - I can also be found on [2]

    The Tigrex charged, Ulfgar rolled. He just missed the huge body of the pseudo wyvern as it swept through where he had just stood. With amazing speed however the Tigrex turned on the spot to make another run at Ulfgar. Ulfgar was back up though and, as the Tigrex charged through, he stepped to one side and countered with an expert stab. He countered by hitting the side of the beasts neck which was still in good shape. Ripping his blade through those neck muscles aswell there was now a wash of red all over the Tigrex’s neck scales. The Tigrex was stunned, it had never known such accuracy and precision with any oppone…

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  • BiscuitOfLies

    If you've been following my fanfic on DeviantArt then you will know another chapter is due to be released soon. In an attempt to boost views I am giving you a taster of chapter 43. Note that by no means is this officially correct but rather a twist on a well known story (which it is a twist and no mistake).

    Where the guard had pointed was Haryun mountain – the tallest and oldest of all mountains, it was told in the legend of Akantor and Ukanlos. The legend had once been known by all inhabitants of Minegarde, as they lived in fear of the huge beasts, but now after centuries – possibly millennia only the hunters still knew its tail – and even then only the select few. Only the hunters who had an interest in the way of the world’s workings fou…

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  • BiscuitOfLies

    The Chameleos

    April 30, 2010 by BiscuitOfLies

    I think it's about time I put this up on here. Story is a hunt against a Daimyo hermitaur and then Chameleos (which has slain all previous hunters to fight it), recognised from my story at DA[1] chapters 36 & 37. Characters include Nerrin (the guildmaster) and Berren. If you read the actual fanfic there is mo to it than this but I left certain parts out on here as they are unnecessary to this, sorry about the small writing - it is quite long. BiscuitOfLies 07:32, April 30, 2010 (UTC)

    Berren kept watch over the jungle up ahead vigilantly, Nerrin thought the Chameleos was stalking them and was in the jungle. Berren hadn’t seen any sign that that was the case but even so he kept looking just to be sure. They were heading to a jungle camp by a …

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