Ok, bear with me here.. I know it isn't really allowed to post a blog that isn't monster hunter like, or if it's a fanfic. But it's gotten a bit serious now.

Here's what it says when I try to log in the chat:

~BariothQueen has entered the chat~

~You have connected from another browser. This connection will be closed~

~You have connected from another browser. This connection will be closed~

Sometimes it'll spam the whole chat with the 'you have connected...' message. I then have to refresh. Still does it.

Sometimes I will be lucky enough to get one word typed in the chat channel before it locks me out. I am not connected to another browser, my internet connection is very good. I've scowered all over the internet searching for answers. Someone else had the same problem. But no one answered as to why it did that. I mean, I can see people chat, I just can't chat.. (maybe that's a good thing XD)

Does someone here have answers? (And for some of you admins and bearus, I've answered yours for the reason I couldn't talk)

Again, sorry to make a blog and I know I asked for help several times but no answer. I also tried going to help wikia and community wikia. No answers as to why it's happening. Thanks in advance..

(You can block this if you want if it's too much.)

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