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  • BariothQueen

    Chat bug

    October 20, 2011 by BariothQueen

    Ok, bear with me here.. I know it isn't really allowed to post a blog that isn't monster hunter like, or if it's a fanfic. But it's gotten a bit serious now.

    Here's what it says when I try to log in the chat:

    ~BariothQueen has entered the chat~

    ~You have connected from another browser. This connection will be closed~

    ~You have connected from another browser. This connection will be closed~

    Sometimes it'll spam the whole chat with the 'you have connected...' message. I then have to refresh. Still does it.

    Sometimes I will be lucky enough to get one word typed in the chat channel before it locks me out. I am not connected to another browser, my internet connection is very good. I've scowered all over the internet searching for answers. Someone els…

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  • BariothQueen

    "Just because we can do anything.. Doesn't mean we can do everything.."

    This is a story about a young lady trying to figure out how odds become the way they are, and finding out the real meaning of believing.

    Keep in mind, I do tend to repeat myself. So bare with me lol.

    Please give me any comments, I'm open to anything, as long there is not cursing lol. I haven't writen much of anything for a while, so my writing could be a bit bad lol. Just tell me what you think! Note: I do NOT own any of these songs, and I give full credit to their owners. I'm just using them for a theme {{Template:MusicTheme |video = ==

    Sebastian Alabard was a crazy old coot, and had an obsession in medicine, which made his character seem all the worse. He opened his case …

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  • BariothQueen


    January 19, 2011 by BariothQueen

    Alright, I'm going to start a FanFic real soon. Have to write everything out first lol. What a pain that'll be. I hope people will like it. I'll throw in some 'teasers' in a bit. Please note. I AM noted to have good writing abilities, but have had A LOT of failed attempts. Also note, I due tend to repeat myself. (working with the classmates I have would making ANYONE, wanna tend to repeat themselves, for they don't pay attention and you kinda wanna get your thing across lol) So bare with me please. I'd also love feedback, good or bad. Though I love good feedback, I don't want anyone to hold back on bad thoughts about it. Of course, this is a fan fic, so it's based around monster hunter. I hope you guys will like it, as much as I'll enjoy w…

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