The following list below is a list Ecological and Lore Info of some monsters in the Monster Hunter Series along with info on the series' lore. These are official data that are taken from Capcom's "Hunter's Encyclopedia 1", "Hunter's Encyclopedia 2", "Hunter's Encyclopedia G", "Hunter's Encyclopedia 3", "Hunter's Encyclopedia 4", "Nintendo Dream", "Monster Hunter Festa", "Monster Hunter", "Monster Hunter 2", "Monster Hunter Freedom Unite", "Monster Hunter 3", "Monster Hunter Portable 3rd", "Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate", "Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate", "Monster Hunter Generations", "Monster Hunter XX", "Monster Hunter: World", "Monster Hunter Online", and "Monster Hunter Frontier".

Additional Notes:

  • Most of this info comes from both in-game, official books, magazine issues, and articles taken from Capcom.
  • Subspecies, Rare Species, etc. are included with the Normal Species.
    • Do note there are some exceptions to this.
  • Newer monsters aren't included on here until later due to some additional info on them, such as items, not being released until later.
  • Some older monsters may not be on here due to not being researched as of yet.


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Subspecies That Aren't Really Subspecies

Azure Rathalos-Pink Rathian and Silver Rathalos-Gold Rathian

  • The Rath Subspecies and the Rath Rare Species are not really Subspecies, they are just a genetic mutation of the Raths. Their color comes from their ancestors.

Black Gravios

  • Black Gravios is black in color due to it being burnt up by lava while it was still a Basarios combined with large amounts of heat. From being black in color, it absorbs more heat and holds large amounts of heat inside its body which is why it shoots its beams and releases gas more often.


  • Khezu are genetic defects though can be considered as albinos. Red Khezu on the other hand are normal individuals.

Baleful Gigginox

  • Baleful Gigginox are genetic defects that can't produce Giggi like Gigginox. Their electrical abilities come from their ancestor, which it shares with Khezu.

Plum Daimyo Hermitaur

  • Daimyo Hermitaur individuals that have changed color due to them feeding on unusual foods.

Terra Shogun Ceanataur

  • Shogun Ceanataur individuals that have changed color due to them feeding on unusual foods.

Emerald Congalala

  • Its not exactly confirmed what Emerald Congalala is though the Guild has many theories. One common theory is that Emerald Congalala live a solitary life, suggesting that they may have lost their troop. A newer theory is that Emerald Congalala is possibly a Congalala that is trying to appeal to a Conga group so it can become their new leader. Other theories vary such as certain diets or molting though we may never know, at least not very soon.

Copper Blangonga

  • Copper Blangonga are said to be lone Blangonga that lost their troop and went to the Desert or Blangonga that have become strong enough to live a completely solitary life.

Goldbeard Ceadeus

  • Goldbeard Ceadeus are old Ceadeus. Their color is said to be due to the luminous bacteria, making Goldbeard glow a gold color. From them being extremely bright, its said that they live in deeper waters. Its eyes are even covered by its huge horns now plus they rarely or never surface for air.

Black Diablos

  • Black Diablos are female Diablos in heat. Their colors are used to tell other creatures to avoid them due to them being a lot more aggressive during their time in heat.


  • Doragyurosu are Berukyurosu that's element has changed for unknown reasons. Its said that these Berukyurosu have somehow learnt how to use the Dragon Element.

Purple Ludroth

  • Purple Ludroth are Royal Ludroth that have gained poison somehow but its unknown how and why. Purple Ludroth from this poison don't attempt to swim from the poison polluting the water and are known to stray from large water sources.

Ivory Lagiacrus and Abyssal Lagiacrus

  • Ivory Lagiacrus are Lagiacrus that have consumed large amounts of quartz, hardening their shell and giving them their white color. This also allows Ivory Lagiacrus to release their electrical charges on land and protects them from their own charges on land. This allows them to spend more time on land.
  • Abyssal Lagiacrus are much stronger Lagiacrus/Ivory Lagiacrus individuals(Applies for both)that have been able to survive longer than usual and that are stronger than others of their kind. Its said that their feeding habits change and by being bigger it hinders them on land.


  • Rebidiora are Rukodiora that are overcharged with electricity.

Shah Dalamadur

  • Shah Dalamadur are a Dalamadur after molting.

Dragon Element


  • The Dragon Element is a mysterious, unknown element manipulated by all Elder Dragons and used by some powerful Wyverns.
  • The Dragon Element is primarily used by Elder Dragons with just their physical attacks. This Dragon Element affects the amount of damage an enemy takes depending on their resistance to the element. This also applies to Elder Dragons since certain parts of an Elder Dragon can't be cut without the element.
  • Noticeably, most Wyverns and most Elder Dragons are weak to the element while most other monsters from other classes are not bothered by it. There are some exceptions here and there but not very many.
  • Oddly, Dragonfell Berries and even some ore have similar properties to the Dragon Element that most Wyverns and Elder Dragons dislike. The berries can be eaten to gain a boost in resistance and power can even be gained from them.
    • That's how the Dracophage Bugs gain power from the berries and Stygian Zinogre uses them to boost its own Dragon Element.


  • The Dragon Element on weapons is a power that directly attacks the mind and consciousness of the monster. The more intelligent and sentient the monster, the more damage the element does to the monster.
  • Many horrid things have been said to happen to hunters that use the element such as becoming an enemy to the world.
  • Nothing really good is attached to this element generally so it really is only called a Dark or Demonic Element.
  • It has been found that there are other ways to get a chemical reaction from the Dragon Element without weapons. With special technology the Dragon Element can be used for the Demolisher and Bowgun Ammo.
  • The skill, Peak Peformance, seems to have a connection to the element and even Elder Dragons.

Minor Note

  • The idea of the element seems to have come from the Dragonslayers.

Ancient Civilization

  • Like the name of this civilization implies, they were found thriving in ancient times as an advanced civilization, beyond what we see today in the MH World, before they disappeared mysteriously.
  • In reality, the Ancient Civilization was humans.
  • Throughout many different lands are ruins left behind by this civilization. On some of these ruins are plans for weapons or, rarely, some information about the mysterious Elder Dragons.
    • Some of the weapons include the Dragonator, cannons, Crimson Fatalis weapons, and possibly more.
    • The Mezeporta district has recently allowed some hunters to explore the Sky Corridor for information on making powerful equipment by using the many treasures and clues left in the tower.
    • Rapid fire on a modern Bowgun is impossible to do, however, rapid fire is possible on an ancient Bowgun.
  • Besides writing on their ruins, some documents have been found belonging to the Ancient Civilization. On these documents are monsters that have either been identified or not identified, secrets to certain equipment, and there is belief that it could give us more backstory about them.
    • In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, these documents were used to discover some new species or some special monsters. It turned out that the Ancient Civilization knew about these monsters long before they were even discovered by the Hunter's Guild or hunters for that matter. This suggest that there is still more we don't know about.
  • The Ancient Civilization were able to do something that is considered forbidden today. They were able to make their own life forms with both technology and biology.
  • To make their own life forms, the ancients used technology and materials to build it from scratch. However, the life of another life form would need to be taken in order to make a new life form.
    • In the Hunter's Encyclopedia 1, it is mentioned magic is not a part of the MH World.
  • The first new life form they ever made was the Equal Dragon Weapon, a bio weapon. This life form required about thirty horses worth of wyverns, or dragons. This means hundreds of wyverns, or dragons, were needed to make only one Equal Dragon Weapon. To make it worse, the more blood this titan shed in battle than its own life would extend further.
    • They were also called the Wyvern Machine Solider.
    • This could explain why Elder Dragons are so rare right now.
    • It is possible Duremudira could be a creation of the ancients since it has no class thus far.
  • Due to this new life form requiring death of all those lives, it angered all the dragons. This eventually led to a war between humans and dragons from the ancients making more of them, killing more dragons.
  • This war was started because, the dragons were sick of their kind being used by humanity as near cattle and were angered by the fact that humans forgot the rules of nature. They than decided to breakaway from humans and destroy humanity.
  • The Great Dragon War happened way before the games.
  • This war spread worldwide where dragons faced off against humans, leaving massive destruction just about everywhere.
  • This war ended violently with most of the dragons extinct and with Ancient Civilization gone for good.
  • Most of the Ancient Civilization's work is gone now, seemingly erased from history. Only real things left about them are ancient documents and ruins that give some insight on what they could make.

Hunter's Guild

  • The Guild gives request to hunters and they are an organization that manages the monster population.
  • The Guild's purpose or objective is to prevent damage to the monster populations so they can prevent other monsters species from going extinct like many other monster species before now. Due to this the Guild keeps tabs on the monster populations in areas and prevent hunters from taking the same quest more than once, unless it is necessary to do so. However, if the monster threatens lives, towns, cities, etc. than hunters are allowed to hunt it to prevent its destruction, even if the monster is rare, as long as the monster is at least repelled or slain.
  • There are large number of Guild districts that are known to us such as the ones in Minegarde Town, Dundorma, Loc Lac City, Port Tanzia, Val Habar, and Mezeporta. Each one mentioned is its own district interestingly. Each district manages certain hunting grounds though some districts share certain hunting grounds.
    • The Guild Hall in Pokke Village is apart of the Dundorma district while the one in Yukumo Village is apart of the Loc Lac City district.
    • The Guild do sometimes have problems with right managements over these hunting grounds but it is rare.
  • The Guild accept requests not only to hunt monsters but to gather certain items for clients who are in their districts. This means the materials hunters get aren't always monster parts.
  • Poaching is illegal to the Guild. Poaching can lead to a multitude of punishments but most commonly death at the hand of a Guild Knight or erased from the public without a trace.
  • They try to protect the lives of the hunters as much as possible. One of the main ways is with the HR(Hunter Rank). Depending on a hunter's HR is the how harmless/dangerous a quest can get and to limit dangerous quests.
    • This is also a way to limit hunting teams and to help avoid sending hunting teams in the same area or areas close to each other.
  • If hunters are extremely skilled, along with Guild Knights, they will be sent to do secret requests or investigations for extremely dangerous monsters. They will do these quests secretly so it won't cause a panic to the public, so they get a better understanding of said situation because in some cases it is just a false alarm, and so the Guild can come up with the proper actions needed to protect the truth or the public without causing a panic.
    • Three good examples are the Fatalis Brethren, Nargacuga, and Akantor.
  • Almost each district has a Guild Master that manages the district though not all of them are the best managers... Some cities and towns even have their complaints about them.
  • The Guild is almost completely unified ethics/culture wise.
  • It was revealed in MH3 where all our items, materials, equipment, etc. is held. The items and materials are stored in a storage room while our equipment is stored in the weapon shop to be cleaned and taken care of by the workers.
  • The Hunter's Guild was organized from the development of trading.
  • The Four Swords of the Guild has four meanings.
    • Respect for nature(North).
    • Prosperity from nature(West).
    • Crafting from nature(South).
    • Life as a community(East).


  • Kokoto's Chief and other Wyverians started the hunting career. Though hunting was their primary job, it slowly changed overtime to other objectives, such as delivering items and escorting travelers. This eventually led to the Hunter's Guild appearing to fill in many of those requests with hunters.
  • Hunters have wide knowledge and a high exercise capacity, so this is a field of work not to many people can take part in.
  • Most people become hunters so they can gain wealth, fame, a better living, or other reasons. Some even become hunters to sneak out of crimes they've done.
    • Though the Hunter's Guild is nearly all over the place, it is actually illegal in some places that disagree with their ways. This is partially due to not blaming others being a main part of the organization.
  • Hunters are only allowed to hunt monsters by the Hunter's Guild's orders. If the hunters try to do a secret request, or an order from another organization, it is treated as poaching.
    • This shows that hunters can't let their greed get to them easily.
    • Even though that's the case, hunters can take request from other hunters that have failed a quest.
  • The Hunter's Guild has three ranks for hunters: Low-rank, High-rank, and G-Rank.
  • Low-rank Hunters are the most common of hunters. These ranked hunters don't hunt very strong monster individuals and do different types of quest besides hunting.
  • High-rank Hunters are truly observed by the Hunter's Guild. They do a lot more quests that involve hunting, including quest that require special permits. High-rank Hunters not only hunt strong monster individuals but also Subspecies and Rare Species.
  • G-rank Hunters are the rarest hunters. These hunters were able to slay either an Elder Dragon or an Elder Dragon-Level Monster, becoming recognized by not only the Hunter's Guild but also all districts of it.
    • Only a small number of G-rank Hunters actually exist in the Monster Hunter World.
    • These hunters hunt the hardest of monsters, including some newer species, while searching for unidentified species that have been reported.
  • Hunters are 175cm tall.
    • It is unknown if this also applies for female hunters.

Hunter Arts

  • The Hunter Arts come from various places in the Monster Hunter World.
  • Hunters originally came up with the idea for these arts. With help from the Hunter's Guild's research, technology, and gathered information, the Hunter Arts were incorporated into hunts for hunters.
  • The Hunting Instructor is trusted to now gather information from various places about the Hunter Arts.

Hunting Styles

The Hunting Styles are very much like the Hunter Arts, using the hunter's weapon in battle. Through cooperation and work, done day by day, the Hunting Styles were created.

  • The Hunter's Guild continues to collect information about the styles, which hunters share with them.
  • Striker Style (Japanese ストライカースタイル): Striker Style is considered to be advance due to it specializing in the Hunter Arts.
  • Guild Style (Japanese ギルドスタイル): Guild Style is the main style used by many hunters and has further advanced recently.
  • Aerial Style (Japanese エリアルスタイル): Aerial Style comes from Beruna Village. It is a way used by Bherna's people to transverse the mountainous peaks of their home.
  • Adept Style (Japanese ブシドースタイル): Adept Style came from the Eastern parts of the Siki Country.

Other Pieces of Lore





Minor Notes

  • Many different monsters can be found living in other areas though not in-game like Kushala Daora in the Great Forest and Lagiacrus in the Primal Forest.
  • Some monsters are completely unknown so some like the Unknown (Black Flying Wyvern) and Duremudira might not be put on this page.
    • Monsters from Monster Hunter Online might take longer to post and learn about due to the game not being officially released yet.
  • Some of the Subspecies and Rare Species aren't truly Subspecies but instead a variant or in some cases a mutation.
  • The Monster Hunter World has the same animals as we have in our world such as lions, eagles, deer, horses etc. The monsters we hunt are rare.
  • Some monsters that appear in a different region such as the New World Rathalos are considered as a Subspecies different from the others in another region.
    • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate suggests that some monsters in changing regions may also change from what they once were.
  • Back in older times, Elder Dragons were a lot more common but their numbers greatly decreased due to the Ancients and their Dragon Technology.

Suggestions, Questions, and Theories

  • You guys can give suggestions, ask questions, and make up some theories about something if you want, even post them on here. Anyway, enjoy learning about the monsters!