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Monster Appreciation Week: Yian Garuga(4th Gen)

Hello, and welcome to Monster Appreciation Week!

This week we look at the Yian Kut-Ku Abuser, Yian Garuga!

MHGen-Yian Garuga Render 001

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
MH4-Yian Garuga Icon A close relative of the Yian Kut-Ku known for its hard black shell and tufts of white mane. These clever monsters are known to avoid traps and use their poisonous tail to deadly effect; they are not to be taken lightly.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Equipment


Low Rank(MH4U)

  • Critical Eye +1
  • Earplugs

High Rank(MH4U)

  • Critical Eye +1
  • Earplugs
  • Razor Sharp

Low Rank(MH4U)

  • Critical Eye +1
  • Earplugs

High Rank(MH4U)

  • Critical Eye +1
  • Earplugs
  • Pierce Up



  • Critical Eye +2
  • HG Earplugs
  • Razor Sharp


  • Critical Eye +2
  • HG Earplugs
  • Razor Sharp
Great Sword
MH4-Great Sword Render 041
Sentoryu Raven
Indent01 Sentoryu Wolf
IndentIndent01 Sentoryu Crow
Long Sword
MH4-Long Sword Render 026

Daito Crow
Indent01 Daito Wolf
MH4-Long Sword Render 027
IndentIndent01 Daito Crow
Dual Blades
MH4-Dual Blades Render 034
Raven Tessen
Indent01 Wolf Tessen
IndentIndent01 Crow Tessen
MH4-Hammer Render 038
Raven Torrent
Indent01 Wolf Torrent
IndentIndent01 Crow Torrent
Hunting Horn
MH4-Hunting Horn Render 029
Raven Shamisen
Indent01 Wolf Shamisen
IndentIndent01 Crow Shamisen
MH4-Lance Render 035
Incessant Raven
Indent01 Incessant Wolf
IndentIndent01 Incessant Crow
Light Bowgun
MH4-Light Bowgun Render 021
Raven Do
Indent01 Wolf Do
IndentIndent01 Crow Do
MH4-Bow Render 031
Crow Bow
Indent01 Wolf Bow
IndentIndent01 Jinx Bow

Interesting Facts About Yian Garuga

  • Yian Garuga just love to fight without any rhyme or reason. This is because they feel like their being challenged by a threat and just love it.
  • Yian Garuga like Yian Kut-Ku have excellent hearing but loud sounds don't bother them due to their war-like behavior. Their ears are two used for intimidation.
  • People get it and Yian Kut-Ku confused with each other.
  • Their beak is extremely sharp and used to cut through prey.
  • It has a flame sac similar to some Flying Wyverns and on par with them.
  • When angered, its strength greatly increases.
  • They are very good jumpers and have great agility due to their powerful legs plus sharp feet. This even allows them to cut through Pitfall Traps with ease.
  • Yian Garuga, similar to Rathian, has poisonous thorns on its tail.
  • Yian Garuga is well-known for getting into fights with Yian Kut-Ku over territory. It will even take the Yian Kut-Ku's territory before killing it afterwards. Female Yian Garuga will actually get rid of the eggs of a Yian Kut-Ku and lay their own eggs for the Yian Kut-Ku to take care off. Yian Garuga aren't very good parents and can't really take care of their young very well.
  • It seems wherever there are Yian Kut-Ku, there are Yian Garugas not to far behind.
  • Its been said that Yian Garuga may actually occasionally just look for a random monster to fight with.
  • Yian Garuga with large wounds on their body, either it being a missing eye or ear, use this to indicate they are extremely old and are battled hardened after many years. The HC Yian Garuga are Yian Garuga that haven't really gone through that tough life the wounded ones have went through.
  • A Yian Garuga's tail responds to shocks with a powerful venom.
  • The ears show a different evolutionary path from Yian Kut-Ku.
  • A Yian Garuga's scales have an ominous purple shine yet look similar to a Yian Kut-Ku's scales. The scales are however much tougher.

Yian Garuga's BGM

MHF: Yian Garuga Music Theme


Kogath - Monster Hunter 4 - Yian Garuga Intro (HD)01:05

Kogath - Monster Hunter 4 - Yian Garuga Intro (HD)

Title Yian Garuga Intro (MH4)
Provided by Kogath
Monster Hunter 4 - 5 Star Village Quest Yian Garuga13:00

Monster Hunter 4 - 5 Star Village Quest Yian Garuga

Title Yian Garuga Intro (MH4)
Provided by omegaevolution
Yian Garuga attacking kut-ku

Next Week...

3DS Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate -Zinogre Ecology00:57

3DS Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate -Zinogre Ecology

Title MH4U - Zinogre Ecology
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