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This week we look at the endangered silver horn, White Monoblos!

MH4U-White Monoblos Render 001

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
MH4U-White Monoblos Icon A rare Monoblos subspecies covered in chalk-tinted plating. More ferocious than its standard cousin, the White Monoblos is unrelenting in the pursuit of any prey it happens upon.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Equipment


G-Rank (MH4U)

  • Adrenaline +2
  • Sharpness +1
  • Critical Eye +1
  • Demonic Blessing

G-Rank (MH4U)

  • Adrenaline +2
  • Load Up
  • Critical Eye +1
  • Demonic Blessing

Interesting Facts About White Monoblos

  • Sightings of them are rare and their population is smaller than most other wyvern species, despite them being found in a lot of deserts.
    • The reason why Monoblos is solo only is because of their small numbers and to prevent hunters from overhunting them.
  • Monoblos are confirmed to be Herbivores like Diablos.
  • They are less aggressive than Diablos and even seem to be shy.
  • Their legs are very powerful and their speed is extremely fast. Also, while charging their horns are strong enough to pierce through rock.
  • While underground, they depend on hearing.
  • During Breeding Season, males flash their red colorful frills to both attract mates and to scare of rivals. Monoblos in-general use the frill to scare of threats but if that doesn't work than they'll attack threats dead on.
  • From not having any breath based attacks they have better larger well-developed lungs, which help them to inhale deeper and produce their famous ear-splitting roars.
  • The White Monoblos is a subspecies of Monoblos.
  • The White Monoblos population is a lot lower than the normal Monoblos species.
  • They are a lot more aggressive than a normal Monoblos.
  • White Monoblos kill a few hunters every year though the reason why is because of its armor. Its armor is praised by hunters everywhere since hunters can truly be called a hero from hunting it.
  • From sand covering Monoblos it doesn't show its true color, which are suppose to be red on some parts including its horn.
    • The HC Monoblos shows a Monoblos' true colors.
  • Monoblos like some animals may have multiple hearts. This is theorized by the Guild.
  • The sand makes its shell harder.

Monoblos' BGM

Old Desert/Dunes Theme


MH4G 2014.10

MH4G 2014.10.14 復活・白一角竜モノブロス亜種討伐 team dogeza

Title MH4G 2014.10.14 復活・白一角竜モノブロス亜種討伐 team dogeza
by team [dogeza]
Monoblos Art