Hello, and welcome to Monster Appreciation Week!

This week we look at the giant sea snake, Tidal Najarala!

MH4U-Tidal Najarala Render 001

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
MH4U-Tidal Najarala Icon A Najarala subspecies that makes deadly use of its long body. Tidal Najarala respond to threats by spitting a watery substance at targets and have even been known to use their own scales to deflect this liquid bile so that they can snipe at more elusive prey.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Equipment

MH4U-Najarala Z Armor (Blademaster) Render 001
MH4U-Najarala Z Armor (Gunner) Render 001

G-Rank (MH4U)

  • Water Atk +2
  • Punishing Draw
  • Speed Sharpening

G-Rank (MH4U)

  • Water Atk +2
  • Bonus Shot
  • Reload Speed +1

Interesting Facts About The Tidal Najarala

Order: Snake Wyvern - Suborder: Snake Wyvern - Family: Najarala

  • Tidal Najarala is a true subspecies of Najarala.
  • Its larger than the other Najarala Species.
  • Tidal Najarala has evolved colors to help camouflage itself in the Frozen Seaway and its said to live in other cold areas.
    • Tidal Najarala have also been seen living in some areas with mild temperatures such as the Everwood. The Guild have sent hunters to research them in these areas.
  • Tidal Najarala are rarer than other species due to them spending most of their time in and underwater. From spending most of there time, it can spit water from its mouth to attack prey and uses the plates on its tail to reflect water in all sorts of directions. They have great accuracy with this and can home on to prey, delivering a dead on blow.
    • From this new found love of water, the Guild call it the Water Snake Wyvern.
  • Just like Najarala, it has neurotoxic venom in its fangs.
  • Tidal Najarala is a lot more cunning and smarter than Najarala.
  • Tidal Najarala's shell, plates, beak, and legs are tougher than that of the Najarala's due to it living in harsher environments.
  • Rumors have been going around in the Guild that there are Tidal Najarala that come in a wide variety of colors in certain parts of the Frozen Seaway.


MH4G - G★1 - ガララアジャラ亜種 Tidal Najarala19:47

MH4G - G★1 - ガララアジャラ亜種 Tidal Najarala

Title MH4G - G★1 - ガララアジャラ亜種 Tidal Najarala
by kormaruR
MH4U-Tidal Najarala Screenshot 003

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