Hello, and welcome to Monster Appreciation Week!

This week we look at the Emperor of Flame, Teostra!

MH4-Teostra Render 001

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
MH4-Teostra Icon Brutal elder dragons clothed in flame that spit blazing fire. Teostra are of such a fierce and deadly nature that the Guild keeps track of their movements whenever possible.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★★

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Equipment

MH4U-Kaiser Armor (Blademaster) Render 001
MH4U-Kaiser Armor (Gunner) Render 001

High Rank(MH4U)

  • Bio Researcher
  • Mind's Eye
  • Cold Surge


  • Bio Researcher
  • Mind's Eye
  • Attack Up (S)
  • Cold Surge

High Rank(MH4U)

  • Bio Researcher
  • Reload Speed +2

G-Rank Rank(MH4U)

  • Bio Researcher
  • Reload Speed +2
  • Attack Up (S)
  • Cold Surge

Great Sword
MH4-Great Sword Render 059
Teostra Blade
Indent01 King Teostra Blade
Indent01 Teostra del Sol
Dual Blades
MH4-Dual Blades Render 053
Twin Nails
Indent01 Fire and Ice
Indent01 Blizzard and Blaze
Note: Shares materials with Kushala Daora.
MH4-Hammer Render 056
Teo Cratermaker
Indent01 Teo Cratergouger
Indent01 Teostra del Torre
MH4-Lance Render 050
Teostra's Howl
Indent01 Teostra's Roar
Indent01 Teostra's Fire
Heavy Bowgun
MH4-Heavy Bowgun Render 020
Teostra's Artillery
Indent01 Teostra's Flames
Indent01 Teostra's Firestorm
MH4-Bow Render 041
Bow of Hope & Valor
Indent01 Courageous Wish

Interesting Facts About Teostra

  • Teostra are by far one of the most aggressive and dangerous Elder Dragons in the series.
  • Teostra are shockingly a lot more common than most other Elder Dragons.
  • Teostra fly less than Lunastra and prefer to fight on land.
  • Seeing a Teostra breath a fireball or flaming liquid at you isn't common. They prefer to burn their prey with their stream of fire.
  • Just like Lunastra, his explosive powder is his old skin.
  • Teostra have been found living in Swamps, Deserts, Volcanos, and even close to some villages or towns. These include Mezeporta, Val Habar, and Dundorma areas.
  • Teostra have been found to eat coal found in Volcanic areas though its unknown why. Some say its for nutrition while others say to help it fuel its flames. Either way its believed for those reasons or other reasons not yet found.
  • All Teostra have that explosive mode seen in the 4th Generation. The dust seen in this mode isn't its scales but something else entirely different though what is unknown.
  • Their explosive powder comes from their wings.
  • The color/texture of his mane are bit stiff compared to Lunastra's mane.
  • Like Lunastra, his tail is strong enough to break rock.
  • His horns symbolize power and majesty. A Supremacy Teostra's horns is said to be a proof of honor.
  • The coal forms the jewels and gems we get from Teostra, inside its body.
  • The reason why the Supremacy Teostra's wings are yellow/golden and red-black is because of lava that hardened on them.
    • Interestingly, Teostra can sometimes be seen drinking lava in MH4U.

Teostra's BGM

MHF2: Lunastra & Teostra Music Theme


3DS Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate -Teostra Intro-01:18

3DS Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate -Teostra Intro-

Title MH4: Teostra Introduction
by DrTangerine
Monster Hunter 4 Nubcakes 57 - Teostra English commentary online gameplay12:01

Monster Hunter 4 Nubcakes 57 - Teostra English commentary online gameplay

Title Monster Hunter 4 - Teostra HAMMER gameplay
by iCEMANnoob
FrontierGen-Teostra Art 001

Honorable Mention

2ndGen-Lunastra Render 001

I feel I should also mention Teostra's mate. The Empress of Flame herself, Lunastra! It is sad she isn't in MH4U to rule along side her king... At least, we can still trade for her materials...

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - Empress of Flame (Lunastra intro)00:35

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - Empress of Flame (Lunastra intro)

Title Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - Empress of Flame (Lunastra_intro)
by GSD993
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - Revived Queen's Battle (Lunastra intro)00:21

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - Revived Queen's Battle (Lunastra intro)

Title Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - Revived Queen's Battle (Lunastra_intro)
by GSD993
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