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Monster Appreciation Week: Shogun Ceanataur (4th Gen)

Hello, and welcome to Monster Appreciation Week!

This week we look at the Sickle Crab, Shogun Ceanataur!

MHGen-Shogun Ceanataur Render 001

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Generations
MHGen-Shogun Ceanataur Icon A large Carapaceon with a giant monster's skull on its back. Its long, sharp pincers allow it to pierce volcanic bedrock and travel along ceilings. Sometimes, a precious and valuable pearl can be found inside its shell.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★

Monster Hunter Generations Equipment

2ndGen-Dual Blades Equipment Render 002
2ndGen-Bow Equipment Render 003

Low rank (MHGen)

  • Razor Sharp
  • Critical Eye +1
  • Thunder Res -20

High rank (MHGen)

  • Razor Sharp
  • Critical Eye +2

Low rank (MHGen)

  • Ammo Saver
  • Critical Eye +1
  • Thunder Res -20

High rank (MHGen)

  • Ammo Saver
  • Critical Eye +2

Interesting Facts About Shogun Ceanataur

  • Order: Decapoda
  • Infraorder: Brachyura
  • Superfamily: Sickle Crab
  • Family: Ceanataur

  • Shogun Ceanataur are highly adaptable creatures and are believed to be able to survive in areas that Daimyo Hermitaur can. Despite this they are found in harsher environments.
  • They prefer areas with dark caves like the Swamps.
  • Shogun Ceanataur are pretty quite and prefer to keep to themselves but when threaten they turn into killers.
  • The sickles stay hidden until its angered and it feels it needs to use them.
  • Shogun Ceanataur lack the defense of Daimyo Hermitaur but make up for by having a good offense and weapons. From this lighter armor, it seems they are faster than your normal Daimyo Hermitaur.
  • The water it shoots from its skull is actually urine.
  • Secretly, some hunters are sent to hunt them due to their meat being a favorite food for some people but finding hunters willing to get their meat is hard.
  • As they get older, their venom glands lose their function and most don't even use them anymore but some individuals have been found using them.
  • Just like the Plum Daimyo Hermitaur, the Terra Shogun Ceanataur is a Shogun Ceanataur that has been feeding on unusual foods that changed its color to this magma red.
  • Terra Shogun Ceanataur will always look for a Monster Skull instead of a strange shell, possibly due to their color. They are usually found wearing Black Gravios Skulls but will wear other types of skulls.
  • A Terra Shogun Ceanataur's armor is harder than a normal Shogun Ceanataur's but is sometimes described to be weak in some ways.

Shogun Ceanataur's BGM

MH2/MHFU/MHF-G/MHGen: Marshlands Theme


Monster Hunter 2 (Dos) - The Devil's Scythe (Shogun Ceanataur intro)00:27

Monster Hunter 2 (Dos) - The Devil's Scythe (Shogun Ceanataur intro)

Title Shogun Ceanatur Intro
by GSD993
MHF『シーズン10 ショウグンギザミ特異個体 紹介ムービー』00:23

MHF『シーズン10 ショウグンギザミ特異個体 紹介ムービー』

Title MH Frontier: HardCore Shogun Ceanataur Preview
by MHFofficial
GL Training Shogun Ceanataur05:40

GL Training Shogun Ceanataur

Title MHFU: Gameplay (Gunlance)
by Onrar
MHF ショウグンギザミ特異固体 shogun ceanataur15:11

MHF ショウグンギザミ特異固体 shogun ceanataur

Title MH Frontier: HardCore Shogun Ceanataur
by AzureStarStone
MHX ユニさんのショウグンギザミ【ランス】 MH Generations -Shogun Ceanataur-07:33

MHX ユニさんのショウグンギザミ【ランス】 MH Generations -Shogun Ceanataur-

Title MHX ユニさんのショウグンギザミ【ランス】 MH Generations -Shogun Ceanataur-
by lancer_unicorn
Pink Fatalis Scan 12

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