Hello, and welcome to Monster Appreciation Week!

This week we look at the last remaining giant Tigrex, Molten Tigrex!

MH4-Molten Tigrex Render 001

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
MH4-Molten Tigrex Icon A rare Tigrex variant theorized to exist after the discovery of claw marks and prints far larger than those of an ordinary Tigrex. With no confirmed first-hand sightings, its existence remains a matter of debate among hunters.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★★

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Equipment


High Rank(MH4U)

  • Speed Eating +1
  • Earplugs
  • Attack Up (S)
  • Slow Sharpening


  • Speed Eating +2
  • HG Earplugs
  • Attack Up (M)
  • Stamina Thief
  • Slow Sharpening

High Rank(MH4U)

  • Speed Eating +1
  • Earplugs
  • Attack Up (S)
  • Recoil Down -1

G-Rank Rank(MH4U)

  • Speed Eating +2
  • HG Earplugs
  • Attack Up (M)
  • Stamina Thief
  • Recoil Down -1

Great Sword
MH4-Great Sword Render 024
Veined Graveblade
Indent01 Veined Graveblade+
Indent01 Deified Grisblade
Long Sword
MH4-Long Sword Render 019
Tigrine Appetence
Indent01 Tigrine Appetence+
Sword and Shield
MH4-Sword and Shield Render 032
Roaring Gravesword
Indent01 Roaring Gravesword+
Indent01 Reigning Grissword
Dual Blades
MH4-Dual Blades Render 006
Pouncing Graveclaws
Indent01 Pouncing Graveclaws+
Indent01 Razor Grisclaws
MH4-Hammer Render 023
Tussive Gravemace
Indent01 Tussive Gravemace+
Indent01 Wracking Grismace
Hunting Horn
MH4-Hunting Horn Render 018
Howling Gravedrum
Indent01 Howling Gravedrum
Indent01 Dancing Grisdrum
MH4-Lance Render 019
Predator Gravelance
Indent01 Predator Gravelance
Indent01 Ruthless Grislance
MH4-Gunlance Render 021
Menacing Gravegun
Indent01 Menacing Gravegun+
Indent01 Hounding Grisgun
Switch Axe
MH4-Switch Axe Render 023
Sheltered Graveaxe
Indent01 Sheltered Graveaxe+
Indent01 Crazed Grisaxe
Heavy Bowgun
MH4-Heavy Bowgun Render 013
Indent01 Furious Gravecannon
Indent01 Furious Gravecannon+
Indent01 Livid Griscannon
MH4-Bow Render 018
Piercing Gravebow
Indent01 Piercing Gravebow
Indent01 Soaring Grisbow

Interesting Facts About Molten Tigrex

Order: Saurischia - Suborder: Wyvern Feet - Family: Rex

  • The Molten Tigrex is a subspecies of Tigrex.
  • It is said to have huge scars on its body that far exceed the normal Tigrex Species.
  • It was theorized to exist after the discovery of claw marks and prints far larger than those of an ordinary Tigrex. With no confirmed first-hand sightings, its existence remains a matter of debate among hunters.
  • Due to the Tower being surrounded by the Great Forest and due to the Great Forest having large amounts of oxygen, Molten Tigrex grew bigger than its relatives. Its said that Molten Tigrex has some type of gene mutation due to this environment.
  • In the Great Forest in ancient times, another primitive Tigrex Species, larger than even Molten Tigrex, lived there and it had a gene that allowed it to grow this big. This gene has evolved with Molten Tigrex. Now Molten Tigrex is the last trace of these behemoths.
  • The identity of the weird dust is stratum corneum, or in other words, dead skin due to its metabolism. Molten Tigrex's claws are metallic in nature and can ignite small bits of the scales with each footstep while charging.
  • From cracks in its shell and skin, hunters can see some of its muscles while in its 2nd Rage Mode.
  • The Molten Tigrex is larger than Tigrex and the Brute Tigrex but from its bulk it isn't as fast or agile as the other two.
  • Only a hand-full of hunters are even allowed to hunt the Tigrex Rare Species and its numbers are small too.
  • They have red scales that explode when ignited.
  • Its roars are said to be stronger than the Brute Tigrex and even able to shake the ground.
  • Its secondary Rage Mode is known to the Guild as its Detonation State. This state is indicated by it having more blood vessels appearing on its body but on some unusual areas to ensure it can keep battling and fighting enraged beyond its normal limits. In this state, its explosive scales is released more frequently, its speed increases, and its strength increases. It also seemingly becomes smarter. The only two downsides to this state is that it can't stay in this state for long and it loses large amounts of energy in this making it weak to attacks and, extremely tired.
  • Its claws are used to ignite the explosive scales.

Why is it an Elder Dragon-Level Monster?

Rare Species are about as rare as Elder Dragons. Some Rare Species even have some abilities that is on par with Elder Dragons. It has even been found that some Rare Species use the Dragon Element like Elder Dragons, though isn't really noticeable most of the time.

Tower Summit BGM

MHFU/MH4U/MHF-G9: Tower Music Theme (HR1-99)


MH4 大轟竜ティガレックス希少種 討伐16:50

MH4 大轟竜ティガレックス希少種 討伐

Title MH4 大轟竜ティガレックス希少種 討伐
by Xday
MHRoC-Molten Tigrex Card 001

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