Hello, and welcome to Monster Appreciation Week!

This week we look at the sneakiest thief of all Elder Dragons, Chameleos!

MH4U-Chameleos Render 001

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
MH4U-Chameleos Icon Precious few sightings of this elder dragon have been recorded, leading to claims it can vanish into its environment like a chameleon -- hence its name. Witnesses report attacks can come out of nowhere, but that Smoke Bombs keep the beast visible.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★★

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Equipment

FrontierGen-Wadatsumi Armor (Blademaster) Render 2
FrontierGen-Okami Armor (Gunner) Render 2

High Rank (MH4U)

  • Windproof (Hi)
  • Earplugs
  • Heat Surge

G-rank (MH4U)

  • Windproof (Hi)
  • Earplugs
  • Status Atk +2
  • Status Crit
  • Heat Surge

High Rank (MH4U)

  • Windproof (Hi)
  • Earplugs
  • Heat Surge

G-rank (MH4U)

  • Windproof (Hi)
  • Earplugs
  • Status Atk +2
  • Status Crit
  • Heat Surge

Long Sword
Phantom Mirage
Dual Blades
Dual Chameleos
Indent01 Chameleos Blades
Hunting Horn
2ndGen-Hunting Horn Render 020
Genie's Ocarina
2ndGen-Gunlance Render 003
Venomous Perfume
Light Bowgun
Genie's Lamp

Interesting Facts About The Chameleos

  • Order: Elder Dragon
  • Suborder: Mist Dragon
  • Family: Chameleos
  • Species: Chameleos

  • Like many Elder Dragons, Chameleos appears in some legends.
  • Compared to other Elder Dragons, Chameleos are said to have quite a calm personality.
  • Despite not being seen very much, Chameleos are relatively known among the public.
  • Chameleos like areas with lots of humidity. So Chameleos are primarily found living in swamps, jungles, and some forests.
  • In theory, the leaf-like tail is used to fool predators into thinking it is its head.
  • The Elder Dragon Observation Team has not been able to truly study this Elder Dragon.
  • The most well-known feature about Chameleos is its ability to turn nearly invisible. By generating a weak electric current in its skin that interacts with the mist it can breathe, the elder dragon can bend light around itself, rendering it effectively invisible. But this isn't the only way they can camouflage. Turns out, each species of Chameleos has a different way of camouflaging, rendering themselves nearly invisible.
    • Their camouflage is so great, that Chameleos will even mimic tiny things in the background like rain or even flies to try fit in perfectly in the area invisible.
  • In order to render a Chameleos visible, it is suggested to try to cut its tail or break the horn on its head.
  • Some Chameleos species don't attack immediately but, instead use stealth. Other Chameleos species are known to be fairly aggressive.
    • The 4th Generation Chameleos is confirmed to be a Subspecies.
  • Chameleos have huge appetites. They will wipe their tongues around to catch prey or anything that seems edible to them.
    • Due to this huge appetite, it can be troublesome to either research or hunt one down. When teams were attempting to study Chameleos, it stole all their food, medicines, and chemicals, though no teams were harmed in anyway.
    • Chameleos are also known for their habit of stealing items. They do this so potential threats can get out of their territory.
  • Depending on a Chameleos' diet, their poisons vary from region to region.
  • Its finehide has a strange texture that calms the soul with a single touch.
  • Its horn refracts light.
  • The tail's unique texture makes for excellent material.
  • A gem from Chameleos has a multitude of colors.

Chameleos's BGM

MHF2: Chameleos Music Theme


Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - Deep Forest Illusion (Chameleos intro)01:00

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - Deep Forest Illusion (Chameleos intro)

Title MHFU: Chameleos Intro
by GSD993
3DS モンスターハンター 4G Monster Hunter 4G - オオナズチ Chameleos Intro01:20

3DS モンスターハンター 4G Monster Hunter 4G - オオナズチ Chameleos Intro

Title Monster Hunter 4G - オオナズチ / Chameleos Intro
by Xyp Games
MHF『シーズン10 オオナズチ特異個体 紹介ムービー』00:23

MHF『シーズン10 オオナズチ特異個体 紹介ムービー』

Title MHFO Season 10: HC Chameleos
by MHFofficial
MHF2 Chameleos08:03

MHF2 Chameleos

Title MHF2: Gameplay (Longsword)
by OrlanXII
MHF オオナズチ特異個体 chameleos12:46

MHF オオナズチ特異個体 chameleos

Title MH Frontier: Hard Core Chameleos
by AzureStarStone
MH4G - G★3 - 霞龍 オオナズチ Chameleos 10 24 201435:56

MH4G - G★3 - 霞龍 オオナズチ Chameleos 10 24 2014

Title MH4G - G★3 - 霞龍 オオナズチ Chameleos 10 24 2014
by kormaruR
MH4U-Chameleos Screenshot 005

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