Hello, and welcome to Monster Appreciation Week!

This week we look at the dominant troll of the Bullfango, Bulldrome!

MHGen-Bulldrome Render 001

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Generations
MHGen-Bulldrome Icon Bulldrome are the imposing leaders of Bullfango packs, notable for their impressive tusks and large bodies. More aggressive than a Bullfango, it is known to ram into its foes, and is extremely proficient at tracking them.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★

Monster Hunter Generations Equipment

MHO-Bulldrome Armor (Blademaster) (Male) Render 001
MHO-Bulldrome Armor (Gunner) (Male) Render 001

Low rank (MHGen)

  • Adrenaline +1
  • Demonic Blessing

High rank (MHGen)

  • Adrenaline +1
  • Attack Up (S)
  • Demonic Blessing

Low rank (MHGen)

  • Adrenaline +1
  • Demonic Blessing

High rank (MHGen)

  • Adrenaline +1
  • Attack Up (S)
  • Demonic Blessing

Interesting Facts About Bulldrome

  • Order: Artiodactyla
  • Family: Bullfango
  • Species: Bulldrome

  • They are omnivores that are quite aggressive that at times can be very bold. They rarely show fear towards any creatures either being harmless or dangerous and will charge them no matter what.
  • Bullfango will continue to attack anything that enters their territory until it leaves or they force it to leave themselves.
  • Originally it was in the Herbivore class but was put into the Fanged Beast class due to its aggression towards pretty anything.
  • A herd of Bullfango mostly consist of females and very few males. The males are larger than the females and the young males eventually will become Bulldrome. Only one Bulldrome leads a herd of Bullfango.
    • However, this isn't the case in some cases and some Bullfango herds consist only of both males and females roaming freely with an alpha male.
    • In some cases, the young males are larger the Bulldrome.
  • Males will joust with each other in order to try to claim the herd for their self. Bulldrome may have to fight with young males in their herd when they reach a set age in order to keep the herd.
    • Bulldrome are old male Bullfango.
  • Bullfango wear out their tusk by feeding and digging through the dirt in search of food. Bulldrome only try to wear out one tusk while they let the other one. By letting the other one grow, he grows longer and sharper, allowing him to use his tusk as a weapon while fighting against other males who dare challenge him.
  • The HC Bulldrome seems to be a very old male Bullfango.
  • The HC Bulldrome's tusk are bent at the tip to prevent them from breaking after he charges. In some cases, the tusk even have scars on them.
  • In some areas, Bulldrome aren't very common among a Bullfango herd.


BullDrome intro00:23

BullDrome intro

Title MHFU Bulldrome Intro
by PhuzhinHunters
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd - Bulldrome Intro00:22

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd - Bulldrome Intro

Title MHP3 Bulldrome Intro
by SiIent Ryuni
【MHX】 集☆4 猪突猛進! ドスファンゴ(ドスファンゴ1頭の狩猟) オンライン 太刀/ブシドースタイル05:28

【MHX】 集☆4 猪突猛進! ドスファンゴ(ドスファンゴ1頭の狩猟) オンライン 太刀/ブシドースタイル

Title MHGen High Rank Bulldrome Gameplay
by はるあき 【HN:HARU】
Pink Fatalis Scan 7

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