Hello, and welcome to the Discussion of the Week: Extinct and Unknown Status Monsters! This week we look at some of the Extinct Monsters that have long past from being in game!

Ancient Lagiacrus


Wow! This monster is supposedly the ancestor of Lagiacrus and this monster isn’t a Leviathan but is actually a Piscine Wyvern, a cool looking one at that! The thing I like about Ancient Lagiacrus is that unlike Lagaicrus, it actually glows from its whole body yet as they get older and older they only glow from their stomach do to petrification and parasitic shellfish. Another cool thing is that Ancient Lagiacrus has been theorized to have attacked a few ancient civilization.

Status: Unknown

Ancient Serpent/Enshentosāpento


Good lord, it looks nothing like the other Piscine Wyverns! Ancient Serpent/Enshentosapento is actually alive but has not appeared in a single game thus far. Capcom why hasn’t it appeared in-game yet? If it can only be found in particular regions or they are just very rare, I can understand why we haven’t seen it yet. Hopefully, we can hunt it one day!

Status: Species still alive somewhere!



It’s a Gypceros relative! I have to say its design isn’t much to write home about but its interesting seeing Gypceros’ closest relative. Despite its look, it actually has hard shell like the Kut-Ku Species and doesn’t have a rubbery hide like the Gypceros, making Bajirisu different from Gypceros.

Status: Extinct



Is Hypnocatrice like the Tigrex of the Bird Wyverns? Anyway, Borudoru is the ancestor of all winged Bird Wyverns and is quite different from Hypnocatrice upon closer glance. From the looks of it, it seems to still have scales along with a hard shell. I wonder if Hypnocatrice is actually its direct descendant?

Status: Extinct



Hmm… One of the Raths relatives? Check! Believed to still walk on all fours like Tigrex? Check! Has a hard heavy shell? Check! All I can really say is, I want to hunt it now!

Status: Extinct


Igurueibisu Artists Rendation

Now that’s how you make a Bird Wyvern! Igurueibisu is the ancestor of all the Bird Wyverns and actually said to have appeared before Wyvern Rex appeared in ancient times. An interesting fact is that its common ancestor is that of Flying Wyverns!

Status: Extinct



So that is what happens when you mix a Velociprey with a Hypnocatrice, you get a Keputosu! Well, I like strange monsters and this monster is so different that I even consider it to be the Platypus of the Bird Wyverns. Anyway, it’s the ancestor of the raptorial Bird Wyverns and a very strange looking Bird Wyvern at that. An interesting fact is that they actually could somewhat fly but weren’t very good at running like the other raptors.

Status: Extinct


FrontierGen-Meraginasu Render 001

Yeah, I know what everyone might be thinking, “Why is Meraginasu on here?”, well it was once thought to be extinct by the Guild and in a sense it sort counts as an extinct monster since it appeared in ancient times. Meraginasu maybe a strange ancient Espinas but its pretty interesting in my book with the hearing mechanic. The main thing I like about Meraginasu is that it proves that once thought to be extinct monsters could actually be hidden away in an area and still be thriving somewhere we haven’t explored yet.

Status: Species alive and well!



The ancestor of the Rath Species and the further evolved form of Wyvern Rex that actually walked in a similar fashion to Kushala Daora! It looks beastly but they sadly disappeared due to environmental changes though they were said to be quite powerful predators. I wonder if its a very good flyer like the Raths?

Status: Extinct

Wyvern Rex

Wyvern Rex

Well, the mother/father of all wyverns, Wyvern Rex! Its the ancestor of all the Flying Wyverns and its closest living relative is Tigrex! I overall like this monster and hope that somewhere Wyvern Rex is still alive where time has not touched it.

Status: Extinct


  • Which is your favorite extinct monster?
  • Which is your least favorite extinct monster?
  • Do you think that somewhere a few of these monsters are still alive?
  • Do you want to see extinct monsters from other classes?
  • Do you think the Guild is hiding more extinct species and possibly know about more?
  • Which ones do you want to see appear in-game the most?

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