• BannedLagiacrus

    Hello, and welcome to Discussion of the Week!

    This week we look at the Zinogre Species!

    Let us start with the original one! Zinogre is a Flagship Monster unlike any other we have seen until recently. Appearing in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, Zinogre was something we weren't expecting to see in the series and stands out like a sore thumb. Zinogre does produce the Thunder Element itself, however, it needs to use Thunderbugs to further increase its electrical power. By charging itself up, Zinogre is able to increase its strength before entering its Charged State! This mechanic for Zinogre is what makes it unique. The idea of a monster not needing take a certain amount of damage to enter Rage Mode was unheard of. If that wasn't enough, it actually …

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  • BannedLagiacrus

    The following list below is a list Ecological and Lore Info of some monsters in the Monster Hunter Series along with info on the series' lore. These are official data that are taken from Capcom's "Hunter's Encyclopedia 1", "Hunter's Encyclopedia 2", "Hunter's Encyclopedia G", "Hunter's Encyclopedia 3", "Hunter's Encyclopedia 4", "Nintendo Dream", "Famitsu", "4gamer", "Monster Hunter Festa", "Monster Hunter", "Monster Hunter 2", "Monster Hunter Freedom Unite", "Monster Hunter 3", "Monster Hunter Portable 3rd", "Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate", "Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate", "Monster Hunter Generations", "Monster Hunter XX", "Monster Hunter: World", "Monster Hunter Online", and "Monster Hunter Frontier".

    Additional Notes:

    • Most of this info comes from b…
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  • BannedLagiacrus

    Hello, and welcome to Discussion of the Week!

    This week we prepare for Tokyo Game Show 2017!

    • They'll be revealing info about the giant monster at TGS.
    • The new trailer for Monster Hunter: World will be showing off the NPCs, story, fields, etc. for the game. It will also be revealing the Flagship.
    • Hunters can now evade while carrying monster eggs.
    • Negative skills have been taken out of Monster Hunter: World. Now only positive skills are in the game.
    • The skill system has been simplified in Monster Hunter: World so players are encouraged to make more sets.
    • Some skills were moved onto the Mantles to make them easier to use, such as Rocksteady or Taunt.
    • Muddy now slows down the hunter's movements instead of encasing them in mud.
    • More details about Monster …

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  • BannedLagiacrus

    Hello, and welcome to Discussion of the Week!

    This week we look back at the trailers of the 3rd Generation!

    • Which was your favorite trailer of the 3rd Generation? Why?
    • Which was your least favorite trailer of the 3rd Generation? Why?
    • Do these trailers bring back some memories for you? Do you feel old just rewatching them again?
    • What makes a good Monster Hunter trailer in your opinion?
    • Do you feel that the trailers for the series have really evolved?
    • Did one of these trailers bring you into the Monster Hunter universe?
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  • BannedLagiacrus

    Hello, and welcome to Discussion of the Week!

    This week we talk about the Monster Hunter Stories demo!

    • Explore a vast world filled with uniquely skilled monsters to hatch, ride, and fight beside.
    • Form a team of monsters and execute powerful combo attacks.
    • Every monster’s genes contain a unique set of skills and attributes. Channel genes from one to another to customize your own monster!
    • Take on side quests and challenging battles that add hours of gameplay.
    • Experience turn-based battles for the first time in Monster Hunter series history!
    • Tap compatible amiibo™ accessories for bonus items such as Ancient Potions, Dust of Life, and other high-grade materials helpful to your quest.

    Since ancient times, there was a village that had its own independent…

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