After about half a year of anticipation over the new installment in the Monster Hunter series, ive looked at some of the reasons why ive loved the monster hunter franchise since it came to America on the PS2. The number one reason I found was that each and every game always seems to be endless because of its difficulty. Never in any other game has it taken me an hour to defeat one boss, let alone defeat it about twenty times over just to recieve one set of armor. This is what I have found that i love about Monster Hunter, its not a game you can beat in a day (understatement). But after reading many articles about the new Monster Hunter Tri, I have heard a couple times that the game will be much easier than the previous ones so that it appeals to a larger audience in America. At first I didnt think that this would be any problem, given the level of difficulty the previous monster hunter games provided. However, after watching a few boss battles on Youtube, ive started to wonder if maybe Monster Hunter Tri will be TOO easy. In a battle versus the new underwater boss in Tri, the character i watched play was hit multiple times (too many times) and with each hit, barely any health was taken from the players health bar. This surprised me since in Freedom Unite one lounge from Tigrex would take out half of your health bar, and then he would turn around and lounge at you two more times. So after thinking about this for awhile, please tell me what you think whether or not Tri will be too easy and if this will make the game better or worse.

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