• Azrulen

    What have been some of your most rediculous moments in Monster Hunter?

    Was it something good? Or something bad?

    Like, this one time in Monster Hunter Tri, I was online doing the Blood Sport mission with two other guys. The Uragaan rolled into me, which I blocked with my sheild. Then, the Diablos must of though it was funny because consecutively after that, he charged into me, which I didnt have enough time to block. Even more so, right as I got up the two had just boxed me in the corner, the Uragaan doing his chin move while the Diablos did the move where he slams his tail against the floor...

    I died.

    On a brighter side, I took down the Bullfango with a wonky controller with only five minutes left =D

    The controls on my PSP are odd, no matter w…

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  • Azrulen

    Aha, this is awesome. I have been using this wiki since Monster Hunter Tri came out, as I just found out about it. It was only now that I decided to join. So far, I really like the community, it seems like a very pleasent place. Thanks for having me eveyone, I will do my best to contribute.

    I will also be posting daily blogs. I am a writer and a artist, so I will be doing it in the form of a fictional journal, though, about real(Mostly) things that happened in the game.

    You dont have to read it, I dont expect anyone too, but it will give me some writing practice. Note that, my comma and hyphen keys dont work, bare with me XD

    .:Thursday, May 27th, 2009:.

    Dear Dairy, I have decided to call you Richard. It is a nic ename, isnt it?


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