This blog is dedicated to a few quests which all of us have detested ever doing and making us likely go crazy because they're so annoying. I bet you can already see coming which quests I'm about to name. To be honest, it's not really a big list. There are just 3 quests which are truly the pinnacle of "annoying" when it comes down to clearing them. I'll start with the first annoying quest you'll have to deal with when playing Monster Hunter 1. Yes all these quests are from MH1, and possibly also from MHG and MHF1 but I don't know if they had these quests in there.

Ok, onto the list...

  • MH1 - Deliver 3 wyvern eggs:

The first true pain in the ass quest in MH1. You do this one in F&H, and you're to steal 3 WYVERN eggs and deliver them at camp. "Deliver 3 eggs? Ah can't be too had. ^^" Yea... it won't be hard. Especially since there's a ****ing Rathalos patrolling the place that WILL hunt you down if you steal one of HIS precious eggs. This is likely the 1st real encounter you'll have with the Rathalos. At that point a nearly unbeatable monster, later on a piece of cake but most people doing this quest for the first time are likely newbies who don't even know how to fight a gendrome.

You have to go ALL THE WAY to area 5, grab an egg, and go ALL THE WAY BACK to camp. There are only 3 areas to go through. Can't be hard? You bet it can be if you're running at 2 km/h. >_> While a giant dragon is charging you... to make it even worse, there will be tons of velociprey who "suddenly" have the accuracy of a sniper! This quest will make your heartbeat rise up to 200 at least, then when you got the 1st egg delivered, you have only 2 more to go! Yay... fun, right? >_> And what if you let your egg fall? And there are no more at the nest? ... exactly, that's 1 PS2 controller flung around the room.

Good thing about this quest is, when it's over, you NEVER have to do such a thing again... or do you?

  • MH1 - Deliver 3 Herbivore eggs:

You probably thought you were done eh? Well guess what, you're not! To show their love to their trusty customers capcom introduces you to yet another hellish adventure that will surely get you into a coma at some point. There is no Rathalos... yay?! Hell no... it's gotten even worse... now there are Apceros, GENPREY, CEPHALOS and a ****ING OMFG Cephadrome that will do anything that's within their grasp to prevent you from getting that egg to the camp. The best of this all? The monster respawn infinitely, so ehh... drink dat darned mega juice and run like da wind i'd say!

Seriously this one is even worse than the 3 wyvern egg quest... but... can it get even worse? Short answer: You sure you wanna know? :/

  • MH1- Deliver 1 POWDERSTONE!!!:

Just when you think you've had the worst happen, you are introduced to this. For the love of God and all that's holy, if you still aren't convinced that capcom tries to break your spirit then by any means, do not look any further. Here's your answer. Out of all the quests ever created this one is by far the most terrifying, soul punishing, bone breaking quest you'll EVER get to deal with.

So.. what makes this quest so bad? You only got to deliver (1) powderstone... no big deal... >_>

Yo, noobie, listen up. There's a reason why you only have to deliver 1 of this so called powderstone. And that is because your heart won't survive having to deliver a 2nd...

You have to go from the base camp ALL THE WAY up to the final area of the volcano, to the summit the volcano, all the way up to the end to gather the powderstone. Then, you gotta run ALL THE God's forsaken way back to the camp. And you know what's so fun about doing this? There will be the strongest wyvern of all hunting you down along the way, the gravios, and you know what he'll do? Well... check this out and see for yourself...

And there also countless of Ioprey (the most deadly and accurate of all prey) and infinite bullfangos.

If someone ever told you to run like hell, this is the time to follow that advice. Because if you don't, you'll drop the precious stone, and have to go all the way back and repeat. You have 6 areas to run through, and none will be cakewalk. (literally)

If you get hit by that ioprey just before the entrance of the camp your soul will truly collapse and you might become a emo for the rest of your life. The sheer disappointment of having that happen will make you cry and might slam you away so that you'll never play MH again. But if you do manage to deliver that Gdamned powderstone, you'll be the luckiest guy to have ever lived, believe me...

These quests are meant to crush you, but if you manage to beat them, you'll be a hardened soldier able to withstand any kind of disappointment! I have done these quests myself and cleared them all. And take it from me if I say this: forget MH1, play another MH where these quests aren't there.

Oh and for those who love the powderstone quest so much, in MH1 at HR17 there was a quest where you had to deliver 3 of them. Sounds like fun don't ya think, lad?!

lol... seriously... if you ever had to do these quests, please share your thoughts.

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