The purpose of this blog

People just randomly ask for help in Monster Hunter on whatever blog they happen to stumble upon, even ones where they shouldn't be asking stuff at all. For that reason I have decided to make an Official Monster Hunter Wikia Staff Blog (OMHWSB) where people can ask all the questions they want that are related to any of the Monster Hunter Games found below.

Need help with something? Can't beat that Kut-Ku? Don't know where to find that Master's Skull? Don't know whether you should kill or capture a HR9 Gravios if you want his HvnlyGraviosShl? THIS is the place for all such questions!

Everyone who needs help what whatever in monster hunter is hereby invited to do so here. Below you can find my personal areas of Expertise and most of the other staff here have a similar amount of knowledge when it comes to the MH series.

Additional Info

All users are welcome to help each other out in this blog as well, this blog is not an "Ask the Admins!" kind of blog, everyone who can help is free to do so. But remember this, don't give out ignorant advice.

The Monster Hunter Series

First Generation Monster Hunter

Logo-MH1 Logo-MHF1

Second Generation Monster Hunter

Logo-MH2 Logo-MHF2 Logo-MHFU

Third Generation Monster Hunter

Logo-MH3 EN Logo-MHP3

Rules for posting in this blog

  • If you ask a question make sure to write it in somewhat decent english and be as elaborate as possible. We can't buy jack with "ohai thur i ned hlp nargracugra kthxbai". We'll ignore and delete such questions and might even ban the authors for "spam". This is a serious blog where people can get quality help, don't screw us over with ignorance!
  • If you answer a person's question please be sure to elaborate as well. "Hit it till it dies" is not advice but a display of what a dumbass you are yourself. If you can't help a person then stfu and stay out of the matter.


FrontierGen-Akura Jebia Screenshot 005

How the heck does he walk around with a tail bigger than itself?!

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