This blog is intended for fun purposes only. The idea is simple: pick a monster and tell us a move it should have in future mh games.

These are the rules:

  • The monster you pick must be a Boss Monster.
  • There are no limits to how many moves you "design" (it's not really the correct word but hey, screw it).
  • You may pick more than 1 Boss monster.
    • You may post as many entries as you like.
  • Flaming/Trolling will get your sorry ass banned.

What is the purpose of all this nonsense?

--> It's mainly for fun. It's a good way to see what creative ideas players around all over the world have when it comes to how the monsters could be even more badass than they already are. We all know that monsters as they are now have too little moves and that there are countless of moves they could potentially perform given their abilities. This blog is meant to get people to share their ideas on this.

--> Perhaps, if this so called wonderful company called "CAPCOM" actually does give a shit about his customers we might draw their attention and who knows, perhaps we might see one of the ideas given in this blog in a future MH game. Everything is possible. Perhaps you see that Rajang launch a Spirit Bomb or perhaps you do see a Rathalos that firez hiz real lazor and yes you might even see a Diablos perform a lightning fast and deadly backflip with his hammer like tail.

Enough talk, gather your imagination and share with the rest of the world here!

  • Critique on each other's ideas is allowed.
    • If you have an idea always be sure not to be too vague about it. Write it down in such a way that it is reasonably easy to understand please.

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