• Artemis Paradox

    ☆RadiantDawn☆ is a new small guild on Monster Hunter Frontier G that is made for english and other language-speaking players both in and outside of Japan.

    We're a Guild of serious players. Most of us are at what can be called "endgame" and we take events, festivals and tournaments seriously. We welcome both inexperienced and veteran players and are looking for serious players who are willing to learn what they need and go for the top.

    If you are a dedicated player and serious about playing Frontier and sticking around, please feel free to leave an application message here.

    If you are more of a player who just wants to try the game out or play it casually, we would like to recommend you to apply to Devilbros.

    Being member of a guild, also known as

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  • Artemis Paradox

    People just randomly ask for help in Monster Hunter on whatever blog they happen to stumble upon, even ones where they shouldn't be asking stuff at all. For that reason I have decided to make an Official Monster Hunter Wikia Staff Blog (OMHWSB) where people can ask all the questions they want that are related to any of the Monster Hunter Games found below.

    Need help with something? Can't beat that Kut-Ku? Don't know where to find that Master's Skull? Don't know whether you should kill or capture a HR9 Gravios if you want his HvnlyGraviosShl? THIS is the place for all such questions!

    Everyone who needs help what whatever in monster hunter is hereby invited to do so here. Below you can find my personal areas of Expertise and most of the other …

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  • Artemis Paradox

    As some of you may have already noticed (the stalkers that is) I have purchased a japanese copy of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd about 1.5 weeks ago. For those who really like stalking admins they already know I have beaten the game in the progress aspect, but by far not yet in the all-around aspect.

    In these 10-11 days I've clocked about 94 hours already and made it to HR6 and the final quests in the village. I am now merely farming monsters for equipment and working on getting 100% in the game.

    During these days I was privileged to enjoy and experience everything that's in MHP3. And in this blog I'd like to share my impressions of what I have seen in the gameplay department.

    • Note: This blog will describe a lot of already known aspects of the …
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  • Artemis Paradox

    This is basically a rant blog in which we are supposed to share the experiences we had in MH3 online. *mega-sighs*

    Ok, so MH3 is out for like 3 months now. I bet many of us are in HR50s and above. I bet many of us have played for several hundreds of hours as well. Now my question to you is, what have you experienced so far?

    To give some topics suggestions:

    • Fun
    • Lag
    • Instability
    • Processing not successfull
    • Good Players
    • Noobs
    • Trolls

    I kind of became inspired to start this blog when reading some comments in the "help im a beginner" blog of some newbie around here, in which people moan about weapon types and shitty players (yes I moaned too).

    How about just talking about everything we've seen and done online? The good and the bad.

    I'll just start about somet…

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  • Artemis Paradox

    Everybody who comes here (except those lifeless douchebag anons who love to vandal) probably loves monster hunter and has made a lot of fun hours with it. Sure sure, we all do that and we should be grateful for that. However, monster hunter, despite how epic the series is, also brings a LOT of PAIN and SUFFERING with it.

    In this blog I'd like people to share the most unpleasant, terrifying, nightmareish, soulbreaking things they've experienced in monster hunter. No limit to this and it can be either long ago or something recently. If you haven't suffered once in MH you're not a Monster Hunter...

    I got multiple nightmareish experiences, or rather, soulbreaking... yeah I think that word fits my soon to be revealed cases better... anyhow... I'l…

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