What this is and what I will do

This were I am going to make my own fan made Monster Hunter tri icons. I really like the style. So that is why I am making this! I will make the sub species icons for monsters mostly so you can see what they look like in Tri. So give me time and I will make them. But I think I will do other monster icons that have not made it in Tri although mainly sub species because they are easiest. This is just a simple project I am doing to entertain people of this wiki.

When will there be more icons

I will try and make the icons as soon as I can! And I promise they will get done eventually. Monsters such as Daimyo Hermitaur may take a while since he is not from Tri so I need to figure out what it might look like first. Subspecies will be the easiest because it is simply just a detailed recoloring.

Go to the Fanon Wiki

This is just an intro to get people to know about it so dont expect me to post anything here. Simply go to the Fanon Wiki to find the page. Here is the link (it is work in progress obviously so keep checking this link for icons)

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