Hello everyone, its Arbytor here and I need to ask about hammers. In this post I will ask about good hammers and how to use one. So if you would kindly read this and comment that would help alot. The main reason I am posting this is because I am not so good with hammers and in mh3 ultimate I want to get more familiar with it.

How does one use a hammer?

How do you use a hammer? Is there any strategy to using one? If there is please help. I want to learn any kind of combination or strategy for it. When I try and use the hammer the monster easily hits me over and over. Like how do I dodge the monster easily? And what is a good monster to practice on?

Good hammers

What are some good, powerful hammers in mh3 ultimate? Ones that are good for fighting stronge monsters. And I would like to know atleast one for low rank and high rank.


Please put a comment and/or answer down below to help me out. And if you do then a thank you. Have a good day. :)

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