• Aqua-L3GEND

    Fastest M.H.3 mosters

    October 23, 2010 by Aqua-L3GEND


    To defeat barioth faster keep your range with him in a dodgeable distance

    Tail whip is fast so keep yourself to his head so you get not whipped! XD or block.

    Ice beam is a really annoying attack.He shoots an ice bal if you get hit then you are slower and that sucks because he"s fast.

    Hit him at his side .

    if you"re having trouble then just bring som traps pitfall or shock traps

    Have fast weapons so you can dodge faster like : Sword and shield

    2. Barroth

    Barroth is usually fast when he"s charging.

    The only way to escape is to roll to left or right,but sometimes you can also jump backwards

    tail whip :Barroth whips with his tail,

    the two ways to avoid that is :

    1.- to only attack his head and arms

    2.- to block it

    Mud flip : mud flip is an annoyin…

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