It's been three years since Iv'e played Monster Hunter, everyone in my group in monster hunter calls me Razor cause they know it's my gamer's name. When Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate was released last year, it is my favorite 3rd generation monster hunter game, some of the monsters in Freedom, Freedom 2 and Freedom Unite appeared in this generation, it has cool graphics like the rathalos in Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate, it has cooler graphics, and it looks a bit real. But CAPCOM made changes like this in Portable 3rd, same monsters are there, except for brachydios, hallowed Jhen, Savage Deviljho, Stygian Zinogre....and so on, also, they removed the underwater combat, and the underwater areas look the same, but the deserted island is exactly the same, but it lacks 2 areas, because of underwater areas, but I'm thinking all the time that I wanted lagiacrus on Portable 3rd, but I noticed that the akantor, ukanlos and amatsumagatsuchi are there, and also Alatreon, Tigrex, Black Tigrex. And since I'm a true hunter, I reached High and G-Rank on Portable 2nd G, Freedom Unite and Tri Ultimate, whenever I need assistance on the hard monsters, I leave it to my brother to finish it, he's also a monster hunter fan like me, and that's how I made my own story in my childhood

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