• Aleki


    May 27, 2010 by Aleki

    Hi, I'm Aleki, and I will be making some guides. You see, me and Youtube do not mix well, and I just fail at videos anyway, so I will post them here. First off is Yian Kut-Ku, as I feel he is the first monster that really needs a guide.

    What is a Kut-Ku, you ask? Well, he is a funny little bird that likes to think he is a worthy foe to hunters. And for first-timers, he is. He has some deadly attacks (although they aren't that bad) and he can blow you into a pile of ash if you aren't careful! Just watch out and you'll be fine. Now, what armor should you wear? I think you can wear anything, really. Any weapon can take it down, too. So, on to the actual guide.

    Ok, so now your ready. Or you should be, so here we go! When you first see him, he will…

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