Round 1: In the vast dunes of the Kokoto Desert a lone Cephadrome is searching for a meal. The Cephadrome climbs over a large dune to discover something. At the bottom of the dune lies a pack of Genprey and a Gendrome who have just killed an Apceros. The Cephadrome beings to move towards the pack, ready to attack through desperation and starvation. The Cephadrome bursts out of the sand in front of the pack, an attempt to intimidate the pack to avoid injury. The Genprey pack, consisting of six members back away slowly but the Gendrome stands its ground. Both the Gendrome and the Cephadrome are driven by starvation because of the drought occuring during the dry season. The Cephadrome walks closer to the carcass. Realising its chance the Gendrome jumps at its adversary and claws a deep gash into the Cephadrome's right side. The Cephadrome quickly hits the Gendrome with its massive tail sending it flying back. As the Gendrome lays in the sand, dazed from the hit the Cephadrome beings to approach the meat. High above the battle however the pack of Genprey have positioned themselves to pounce down the Cephadrome. The Cephadrome begins leaning down to eat when the ambush starts. Two of the six Genpreys pounce onto the sides, leaving gahses into the Cephadrome's sides. The other four jump onto the back and begin to bite the fin and slash with their claws. The Cephadrome shakes off the Genprey and prepares to dive and escape. The Gendrome however is nowhere to be seen. Then, suddenly the Gendrome slices a deep scar into the head of the Cephadrome, paralyzing it. The Gendrome then bites into the Cephadromes neck and suffocates the beast by closing the wind pipe.

The Deciding Factor: Although the Cephadrome is larger, it was outnumbered by the pack. A Cephadrome's sand blast only works when the creature has stamina, and the enemy is far enough away. A starving Cephadrome will also easily succumb to status effects. every time the Genprey pack pierced the Cephadrome's skin their toxin entered the Cephadrome's body. If the Cephadrome had eaten even a small amount of meat before the battle it may have been victorious.

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