I have collected close to every bowgun part that has appeared in MH Tri. With this accomplishment, I still hope to see new parts.One new part I would like seeing is a Uragaan barrel. Although this may seem weird, it can also be practical. This would display the following:

Rapid Fire: 2x Clust Lvl1

Raw Power: 110

Deviation: Increased


Weight: 35

The barrel would have a Uragaan jaw for the bottom, and the spine ridge along its back on top. The barrel would stick out between the jaw and top. This would probably be made using the following: 1 Uragaan Ruby (like other barrels which use rare gem), 5 Uragaan Carapaces, 10 Uragaan Scale+, and 3 Uragaan Jaw.

The next part I would suggest is a Ceadeus barrel, coupled with a stock. The barrel would be the tip of a Ceadeus horn with a barrel in the center, nothing too fancy. It would have the following:

Rapid Fire: 2x Water S

Raw Power: 90

Deviation: Reduced

No shield

Weight 25

The water rapid fire is to account for the buildup blasts the Ceadeus uses during the fights. The stock would have the following:

Reload: Increased+

Recoil: None

Weight: 25

The stock would be a simple Ceadeus tail, fully intact without any scars. It would also have the three pronged Ceadeus symbol on the top that's close to the frame. The barrel would use a Deep Dragongem, 3 Crooked horns, and maybe 4 Ceadeus Furs. The stock would then use 3 Ceadeus tails, 2 luminous organs, 4 Ceadeus scales, and 5 Ceadeus hides.

I understand these are just ideas, but I'm sure there are bowgunners out there who would appreciate these parts. I have another idea for a Gobul barrel to rapid fire 2x Para lvl1 shots but I have some brainstorming to do.

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