• AlbertVis

    The Schradian Order

    July 17, 2010 by AlbertVis

    Chapter 1

    The wind was a soft gentle breeze. It swept up from the bay below the rolling hill and became cool from travelling over the water. The wind swept by a small hut, hidden in the shade of a large tree. The hut was made of a large Aptonoth Hide stretched across the roof to protect from rain. The sides were stretched Kelbi hides which were pinned to four large monster bones. The door was a Jaggi hide, small, but it proved effective to keep any unwanted creatures out. In front of the hut, Vince stood looking over the bay. He grabbed his bag, and walked to the West, off into the woods that sprawled across the tiny island.

    Vince is an orphan. His parents were high ranking hunters in the Guild before they were killed. They were assigned to …

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  • AlbertVis

    I have collected close to every bowgun part that has appeared in MH Tri. With this accomplishment, I still hope to see new parts.One new part I would like seeing is a Uragaan barrel. Although this may seem weird, it can also be practical. This would display the following:

    Rapid Fire: 2x Clust Lvl1

    Raw Power: 110

    Deviation: Increased


    Weight: 35

    The barrel would have a Uragaan jaw for the bottom, and the spine ridge along its back on top. The barrel would stick out between the jaw and top. This would probably be made using the following: 1 Uragaan Ruby (like other barrels which use rare gem), 5 Uragaan Carapaces, 10 Uragaan Scale+, and 3 Uragaan Jaw.

    The next part I would suggest is a Ceadeus barrel, coupled with a stock. The barrel would be…

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  • AlbertVis

    Monster Face-Off

    June 18, 2010 by AlbertVis

    Round 1: In the vast dunes of the Kokoto Desert a lone Cephadrome is searching for a meal. The Cephadrome climbs over a large dune to discover something. At the bottom of the dune lies a pack of Genprey and a Gendrome who have just killed an Apceros. The Cephadrome beings to move towards the pack, ready to attack through desperation and starvation. The Cephadrome bursts out of the sand in front of the pack, an attempt to intimidate the pack to avoid injury. The Genprey pack, consisting of six members back away slowly but the Gendrome stands its ground. Both the Gendrome and the Cephadrome are driven by starvation because of the drought occuring during the dry season. The Cephadrome walks closer to the carcass. Realising its chance the Gend…

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