I hate playing with noobz.I seen so many noobz.HR7 noobz,HR24 noobz, AND EVEN HR39 NOOBZ! Today i was playing online goin to fight a simple rathian with 2 other dudes.we were like 2 minutes into the battle and they already lost half of there HP.I was like OMFG R u serious.....Then the dude dies by the Pounce atk.Then the other guy dies from the rathian poison tail atk.The dude had like over half his HP Left!! Then that same guy gets poisoned again by it and leaves him with like No HP left.The guy was poisoned and all he did was just RUN AROUND!! wtf! IF U GET POISONED U HEAL! I hate when noobz make u fail the mission! Dx I gotta stop playin wit NoobZ.

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