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Most Annoying Bosses I've Faughten With A Reason!!!!!!!!!!

Ace666 July 1, 2010 User blog:Ace666

Hey,Uhmm In Monster Hunter 3 Ive faughten some annoying bosses.The most annoying are The Diablos,DevilJho and the Barioth..I dont like fighting the Barioth b/c of its speed.If youve played MH3,u know wat im talking about.I hate the diablos b/c its just......................Hard!! I REALLY dont like fighting it.Its underground attacks r annoying and its dash attack is lame.The devil jho is just Wrong.I didnt know how big it was!! I hate that rock projectile atk.I was trying to heal far away from it.The next thing i know a rock comes flying at me!! That was soo lame! Dx.Comment

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