In Mh3 i hate certain monsters that keep hitting when im fighting bosses! THE least annyoing is the Bnhabara. It usually never happens to me but i hate getting paralyzed when im fighting a DevilJho! LOL 2nd is THe Uroktor.when they come out of the ground and do that atk,i really hate it.Im trying to simply fight an agnaktor,then i get combo'd becuz of a stupid UROKTOR ATK! LOLz THe most annoying is the Rhenoplos.Most ppl get hit by rheno's. I could be fighting an agnak,a gaan,or a jho then a rheno runs me down! I HATE IT! rolf :3 Rheno's are he most annoying badguy to me.I always have to kill them first b4 i can fight the boss.So....Thats it.Comment if u feel like it.  :-/


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