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  • Ace666

    Most Annoying Badguys(MH3)

    August 30, 2010 by Ace666

    In Mh3 i hate certain monsters that keep hitting when im fighting bosses! THE least annyoing is the Bnhabara. It usually never happens to me but i hate getting paralyzed when im fighting a DevilJho! LOL 2nd is THe Uroktor.when they come out of the ground and do that atk,i really hate it.Im trying to simply fight an agnaktor,then i get combo'd becuz of a stupid UROKTOR ATK! LOLz THe most annoying is the Rhenoplos.Most ppl get hit by rheno's. I could be fighting an agnak,a gaan,or a jho then a rheno runs me down! I HATE IT! rolf :3 Rheno's are he most annoying badguy to me.I always have to kill them first b4 i can fight the boss.So....Thats it.Comment if u feel like it.  :-/


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  • Ace666


    July 31, 2010 by Ace666

    I hate playing with noobz.I seen so many noobz.HR7 noobz,HR24 noobz, AND EVEN HR39 NOOBZ! Today i was playing online goin to fight a simple rathian with 2 other dudes.we were like 2 minutes into the battle and they already lost half of there HP.I was like OMFG R u serious.....Then the dude dies by the Pounce atk.Then the other guy dies from the rathian poison tail atk.The dude had like over half his HP Left!! Then that same guy gets poisoned again by it and leaves him with like No HP left.The guy was poisoned and all he did was just RUN AROUND!! wtf! IF U GET POISONED U HEAL! I hate when noobz make u fail the mission! Dx I gotta stop playin wit NoobZ.

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  • Ace666

    Jhen Moran

    July 2, 2010 by Ace666

    Jhen Moran is a very easy boss.Its huge,slow,and its not that strong.I still havent killed one yet but ive repelled like 10 or more of 'em.How stupid is jhen moran to keep coming back to the same spot.It knows theres gonna be 1-4 hunters there waiting to mine and attack him.Im not good at using the spear on the front of the boat.I also hate that rock projectile attack that Jhen Does.It only hits me when hes ready to get hit by the spear or when im in the Ballista.That ballista is so SLOW!! Hit me up on AIM so we can discuss MH3 SOme more. My AIM is AcePBizz. HMU!

    Uhmmm 2 day ago I was watching MH3 Live and i saw these ppl fighting jhen moran(not moving).I didnt realize how big that thing was!! Its also wierd how u can go in his mouth.He coul…

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  • Ace666

    Hey,Uhmm In Monster Hunter 3 Ive faughten some annoying bosses.The most annoying are The Diablos,DevilJho and the Barioth..I dont like fighting the Barioth b/c of its speed.If youve played MH3,u know wat im talking about.I hate the diablos b/c its just......................Hard!! I REALLY dont like fighting it.Its underground attacks r annoying and its dash attack is lame.The devil jho is just Wrong.I didnt know how big it was!! I hate that rock projectile atk.I was trying to heal far away from it.The next thing i know a rock comes flying at me!! That was soo lame! Dx.Comment

    Quote-"You're Either Nexus,Or against Us!"

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