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    Forum page discussion page

    February 27, 2011 by Abhi09

    this is where we're going to have the discussion on the clan page so we don't create huge blobs of posts on mls's page

    We need some users that aren't in mls's clan to join too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here was the stupid site that may get deleted...Site:

    Because of Bandwidth issues, We are trying out this site: ANYONE CAN JOIN!!!

    Please list any Complaints and praises, and I will address them. However as soon as DA BEAST registers, then we will fix them... Stay tuned...

    I currently have the following people at the site:

    • Abhi (Me)
    • Tobi
    • DA_BEAST
    • Ukanlos
    • Barioth Queen
    • Lightna
    • Hypno Hunter
    • Bennyboards
    • MasterLongsword
    • Champz
    • TigrexSlayer12
    • Boomer7
    • Apoc
    • Sonoel
    • Ariel

    • Uber

    • Wyvren s
    • 1ara

    We have currently made a trio with the…

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  • Abhi09

    This is for everyone who cares and sorry mls and users for that huge wall of text...

    DO NOT PAY ANY ATTENTION TO THE NAMES. I am not featured in this story

    The people featured all asked *coughrequestedcough* to be in the story so it may not make much sence they are not real personalities either. Also it used to be 5 pages and I had to cut it down to three... The people's names are partially real (first names) I haven't given full names for obvious reasons...

    This was also required to have a bunch of rubrics and grades so it may be cheesy and stupid.


    Training the Rookie

    By Abhi09( I switched names...)

    Period 5



    One day I, Cole Smithenhaugher, got the unfortunate call that I always hate to get. I was assigned to traini…

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  • Abhi09

    Favorite Elder Dragons

    July 29, 2010 by Abhi09

    What is your favorite elder dragon?

    Mine is between Shen Gaoren and Alatreon.

    Please put your reasons for picking the elder dragon.

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  • Abhi09

    I have hunted every monster in MH3 and want to know how to make some of the best weapons so that I dont waste my time mindlessly hunting some random creature whos weapon is horrible (happened to me last week...). Please give me suggestions on weapons that are good and what i need to hunt to make them in order.

    All blademaster weapon types are welcome

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