Okay, before I get started, let me begin by saying that Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is an outstanding game, it's one of the very best games available on the PSP. But I still think it could have been even better. The way I think it should have been set up is as follows:

-Same amount of content as MHFU (They could have done it)

-Instead of using MHF and MHF2 monsters for that content, use Frontier monsters and maps. I understand if Capcom doesn't want to release MHFO outside of Asian territories, but at least let us fight the monsters.

-This way, you'd have MHFU for 1st and 2nd generation content, and MHP3rd for 3rd and Frontier generation content.

^^ This would have made MHP3rd by far the best portable Monster Hunter game ever. Aandrew07 01:43, January 17, 2011 (UTC)

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