Hello everyone.

Today is April 20th, 2012. On this day two years ago, Monster Hunter Tri was released (In North America at least) to broad critical praise and respectable sales numbers. Monster Hunter fans rejoiced as our journey into the next generation of hunting began. We ooh'd and ahh'd at the visual splendor, the slick animations and newfound abilities. We shuddered in our seats as we were introduced to Lagiacrus for the first time, and we got a case of nostalgia when we encountered one of our old scaly friends.

Since then, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and Monster Hunter Tri G have tied off this generation, and so I thought it might be nice for us to reflect upon all that 3rd generation was, and still is, on the day of its birth. How did you like the new monsters, areas, gameplay features, music, whatever? How does it stack up next to 2nd and 1st gen? How have you as a hunter evolved thanks to third gen? Anything you didn't like or would have changed (Leave console choices out of this). What do you think we can look forward to in 4th gen, and what features, monsters, etc would you like to see return in the next generation?

While you think about that, let me also say that this is also the 2 year anniversary of the last time a Monster Hunter game was brought to our shores. 730 days is a long gap. Are you hungry for more? (of course you are) Are you concerned, worried, or anxious as to the future of MH in the west? Do you think Capcom, Nintendo, and Sony are hadling localization the right way, and are you hopeful or hopeless that we will see another Monster Hunter over here in due time?

Please feel free to discuss these topics in the comments below, but again, please try to avoid console/developer bashing.

Thanks for reading,


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