Hey guys, Andrew here.

So I've been thinking a lot lately about a Monster Hunter 4, and the kinds of new features that'll be included. More importantly though, I was thinking about some really neat ideas brought into the series around the time of MH Dos that didn't make the cut in Tri. Now, my question to you, fellow MH enthusiasts, is what previous feature that we missed out on in Tri would you like to see augmented and return in a future Monster Hunter outing?

I'll give you a few of mine:

  • PvP arena: One of the coolest ideas yet put in the series. Controlling two monsters with flutes as they fight to the death is just awesome. Plus, who doesn't want to see rathalos and Lagiacrus face off outside of a CG intro?
  • Visiting old villages: We all remember Dos, where we could takethe ship to ol' Kokoto and do some exclusive quests, see some familiar faces, etc. This was a neat idea and would have been cool in Tri, especially for the large amount of you that never got your hands on Dos, this way you'd have been able to go to Jambo or whatever it was called.
  • Hot/Cold/Breeding seasons: Added that special twist for quest planning. Just made the whole thing more realistic I guess.

So post your ideas in the comments and we'll have a nice (hopefully) chat about it.

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