Hey all. So I was thinking today, while fighting G-rank Rajang, that some monsters are just horribly OP. It doesn't bother me per se, but I felt like this was a good question to ask the forums:

What are the most over-powered weapons and monsters in the Monster Hunter universe?

My vote for monsters goes to White Fatalis. Sure, it's not the only monster to OHKO with pretty much all of its attacks, but its armor mode is what gets me. Like, here's a monster that can kill you instantly in seconds, and now it only takes 10 percent damage and most attacks bounce off. Good grief.

Meanwhile, my vote for weapons goes to the 3rd generation lance. The blocking counter alone tips the scales into OP-dom. It's worse in Tri, but being able to interrupt any attack with a block while simultaneously charging up a super-powered attack is crazy.

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