Good day everyone, Andrew here.

This is a message for all of our resident Vita owners here on the wiki (I'm sure there's at least a few of you). I recently downloaded Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for Vita from the Playstation store, and you know what? I'm pretty darn pleased! The game, thanks to the Vita's 5-inch OLED screen, looks fabulous, with rich, vibrant colors and smooth edges that you just couldn't get with the PSP's screen. The dual analog control option feels wonderful, and really makes you wonder how we all made do without it for all those years.

What's more, thanks to the Vita's convenient and streamlined multitasking capabilities, no longer do you have to spend 30-50 minutes at a time fighting a hard monster. If you decide you want to do something else but don't want to lose your progress in your current quest, simply tap the PS button and the game will automatically pause and return you to your tabs, where you can play a few rounds of Stardust, Listen to some tunes, browse the web, or plain old tun the system off and do something else. The point is, when you return to your tabs, you can open up MH right where you left off.

Finally, if you've got friends who aren't running out to buy a Vita just yet, the Vita version is 100% compatible with PSPs for ad hoc play. Just today I played with a group of friends. Two of us had Vitas, the other two had PSPs, and we were able to play with zero connection or lag issues. So go ahead, watch as they envy your crisp HD visuals and comfortable dual analog control.

UPDATE: Thanks to a tip from Lord Loss, it turns out that in fact you can import your save data by following his instructions. To do this, you must own a PS3, or it may also be possible through PC, though I'm not entirely sure.

So, if you're a Vita owner and have been hesitant to buy MHFU for it, worry not. Your money will be well spent, take it from me.

Just some quick FAQs:

Q: Does MHFU for Vits support internet play?

A: Sadly not, you're still limited to either proximity play or ad hoc party

Q: Is the game harder to control with the smaller buttons?

A: Not really, they do take some getting used to, having to switch from the camera stick to the attack buttons, and though it is a little less seamless, it's nothing worth being worried about

Q: Have they added anything to the game content-wise?

A: The content of the game has remained untouched, it's a straight port from the PSP

Anyways, thanks for reading, I'll catch you on the boards!

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