With his new Sword Marcus had done a few quests already and he still falls and trips

Marcus was a the guild searching for quests to complete. Marcus saw Steven just about to go out to Deal with slaying 5 Bullfangos as just before Steven steped out the guild Marcus rush toward him and said, thanks for the sword and are you going on that quest alone cause i heard rumors of a powerfull wyvern roaming around the Mountain Stream we could team up so we have our back, Steven replied ,ok but its just an easy quest and you havent even seen a Bullfango yet you were just searching for gathering quest for Special Mushrooms and Bamboo well fine you can come but stay out of trouble okay. Being Marcus' fist Slaying quest he was pretty excited, he stayed with Steven the whole quest and did'nt even slay one Bullfango he just asked alot of annoying questions when they were coming back to the Campsite a they heard a large howl and ran instantly. Marcus was telling the village people about that encounter some would just say he was lying others would laugh and thought it was a made up story, but it was true no one ever heard that roar in Yumoko Before.

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