As time passes by Marcus and Steven got great in hunting and better armour

Marcus having a full Aoashira Set and Steven having a Full Great Jaggi Set Marcus' Trainer visited him and wanted to test his strength with a common quest to hunt a Bulldrome,Hunting Bulldromes is easy but annoying. on the Mountain Stream at night Marcus got really mad because he couldnt land a single hit on that Bulldrome and he had wasted all his Potions and all his Well-done Steaks but his Trainer and Steven teamed up and killed that annoying Bulldrome. While they were about to carve the Bulldrome a Familiar howl was heard Marcus' trainer said ,Stay alert and be on the lookout for any living being, a russling in the bushes ....... it was just a Baby Querpeco imitating a roar of a wyvern But behind them there was a mass of gathering of Thunderbugs and Great Thunderbug and Some glowing blue light from a far away ditance comeing closer every second and being curious Marcus Step closer tp the blue light and a Terrible roar and a streak of lightning bolt Marcus' trainer said run!! Its a Jin... then silence came to the area running back to base Steven became worried about Marcus' trainer and went back. When he arrived he saw a large wyvern with a broken horn pinning the trainer as if he was about to eat him gladly steven had a few more Bung Bombs in his pouch and threw it to the wyvern. With the trainer uncoscious Steven paniced and drag him to safety while the monster was running away from them. It was a night to remember for them and for the people in Yumoko.

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