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    Welcome to the Monster Hunter Generations Time Attack!

    What is Time Attack? TA for short, is the simple challenge of completing quests with a remarkable time, putting the skills you've learnt throughout the series to the test.

    All TAs are solo runs, no other Hunters, no Palicos, just you, your weapon and the monster (Or monsters).
    All times will be added to the lists until their is a top 3 times for each weapon type, then if anymore come to compete successfully or existing Hunters wish to improve their own times, the boards will be updated accordingly and all updates mentioned here (In the comments) to keep all those up to date.

    There are a number of quests to compete over and more will be added as this goes on, all weapons including Prowler can take p…

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    Monster Hunter Frontier Z is announced.

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    Monster Hunter Frontier G10 is announced.

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