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December 4, 2012
  • I live in Tomorrowland
  • I was born on November 28
  • My occupation is Hunter, DJ, Guitarist

My favorite pages

My favorite Monsters

My favorite monster is Zinogre and its Subspecies! I love wolves, Kamu Orugaron and Nono Orugaron Was also included as my favorite monsters but since I haven't played MH Frontier , I don't know much about them. Agnaktor is my secondary favorite monsters! :D Here are my favorite monsters:

  • The Best Monster Ever. 1st place goes to this monster :D
  • [Zinogre] The Thunder Wolf Wyvern
  • The Subspecies of Zinogre ! Awesome !
  • [Stygian Zinogre] The Hell Wolf Wyvern
  • This Badass monster goes to the 2nd place ^^
  • [Agnaktor] The Crimson Armor
  • A Subspecies of Agnaktor, Its body is an icy armour covering that works in reverse to the normal Agnaktor
  • [Glacial Agnaktor] Freeze-Pike Wyvern
  • A half saber-tooth half wyvern ? Why not ? Third Place ^^
  • [Barioth] The Icy King
  • A Subspecies of Barioth, live in the Sandy Plains
  • [Sand Barioth] The Sandstorm Wyvern
  • Nice work for this monster Capcom ! Thumbs Up ! ^^ 4th place
  • [Lagiacrus] Lord of The Sea
  • The Subspecies of Lagiacrus, It prefers on land better than the sea
  • [Ivory Lagiacrus] The Thunder of The Earth
  • The best of the three, Rare Species of Lagiacrus. It is so damn cool XD
  • [Abyssal Lagiacrus] Dark Sea Lord

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