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Total Defense
Initial Defense: 185
Final Defense: 225
Fire Res: +25
Water Res: -20
Thundr Res: +5
Ice Res: -5
Dragon Res: -10
Other information
Rarity: 6
Total Slots: 9
Skill Effects
Skill 1: Defense Up (S)
Skill 2: Recoil Down +2
Skill 3: Bombardier
Skill 4: -Slow Eater
Armor Pieces

Uragaan Cap+

Torso: Uragaan Vest+

Uragaan Guards+

Waist: Uragaan Coat+
Leggings: Uragaan Leggings+

Defense Name Slots Crafting Materials Cost
31~45 Uragaan Helm+ O Uragaan Scale+ x6, Uragaan Carapace x6, Uragaan Jaw x4, Monster Bone+ x5 18800z
31~45 Uragaan Mail+ O Uragaan Carapace x6, Uragaan Marrow x6, Uragaan Scute x3, Agnaktor Scale x4 18800z
31~45 Uragaan Vambraces+ OOO Uragaan Carapace x4, Uragaan Ruby x1, Uragaan Scale+ x14, AgnaktorCarapace x8 18800z
31~45 Uragaan Faulds+ O Uragaan Scale+ x10, Uragaan Marrow x4, Uragaan Scute x3, Monster Bone+ x12 18800z
31~45 Uragaan Greaves+ OOO Uragaan Carapace x14, Uragaan Ruby x1, Uragaan Scale+ x10, Uragaan Jaw x6 18800z


Uragaan Scale+ x40, Uragaan Carapace x30, Uragaan Jaw x10, Monster Bone+ x17, Uragaan Marrow x10, Uragaan Scute x6, Agnaktor Scale x 4, Uragaan Ruby x2, Agnaktor Carapace x8


Skills: Defense Up (S), Recoil Down +2, Bombardier, Slow Eater

Resistance: +25 Fire, -20 Water, -5 Ice, +5 Thunder, -10 Dragon


  • With multiple empty slots, Defense Up(S) could reach Defense Up(M). Recoil+2 also be reached to Recoil+3 making little or no recoil when shooting abnormal shots or stronger ammunation(which will give recoil even if the recoil of the weapon says "Some" or "Average").
  • Slow Eater can be removed and Steadiness+2 is possible for this armor set making shots accurate, no dev. added.

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