Rust Stones

See page link. Ore List (MHFU)

Special items

Item NameDescriptionRarityMakes
Lost UmbrellaNoblewoman's umbrella. Seems to have hidden features. Try fixing it.5It makes Light Bowguns(Angel Parasol,Sakura Parasol, Black Parasol).
Wyverian HarpA legendary Wyverian Harp. Originally a weapon, it is in need of repairs.5It makes the Dragon Head Harp Bow.
Sinister ClothFound long ago in the tomb of a king from a long forgotten Desert land.5It makes Death Stench Armour.
Dark StoneJet black stone with an ominous aura. Holding it wraps one in despair.5It makes all the different weapon types of Fatalis weapons.
Dark PieceMysterious, ominous piece of Dark Stone. Crafting it is a scary proposition.5It makes all the different weapon types of Fatalis weapons.
Dragon WoodA parasitic plant said to grow on elder dragons. It has a mysterious aire.5Makes the Dragon Wood Weapons and Armor
Dragon Wood+This shining Dragonwood's beauty can be transferred into an equipment's power.5Makes the Dragon Wood Weapons and Armor
Dragon MossMoss said to grow on an elder dragon. Mysterious, it shines beautifully.5Makes the Dragon Wood Weapons and Armor
Dragon Moss+ Its mysterious effects can raise the quality of even high quality goods. 5 Makes the Dragon Wood Weapons and Armor
Shakalaka TreasureDropped by a Shakalaka in a state of confusion. Looks like trash.... 4 Makes Shaka Poison Bite.
Shakalaka Inheritance Dropped by a King Shakalaka when defeated. Only gotten on when 9-10 shakalas have been killed and the king shows up somewhere then kill it. 5 Upgrades the Shaka Poison Bite.
Felyne Fur Ruby Dropped by a G-Rank Felyne, or found in hidden areas in High Rank quests. Can also be found by killing & dropped by Felyne in High rank Quest. 5 Makes felyne weapons.

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