HH-Icon Type 63 Warmonica (MH3U)
Wiki Attack 736 Buying Cost Upgrade Cost
Attribute Status Effect-Waterblight MH4 Icon Water 180 N/A 21000z
Notes Note.aqua Note.white Buying Materials Upgrade Materials
Affinity 0% N/A Nibelsnarf Shell x4
Gobul Fin+ x2
Nibelsnarf Claw x3
Isisium x5
Sharpness Bagpipe-sharp32
Slots O--
Bonus Defense +10
Rarity 4
Description A musical weapon of Guild design. Its tones can direct movements while in the midst of the hunt.
Family Tree:
Upgraded From >> HH-Icon Type 63 Warmonica >> Upgraded Into
Qurupeco Trumpet Snarfonix
MH3U: Hunting Horn Weapon Tree